How to find your property lines in Atlanta

How to find your property lines in Atlanta

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How to find your property lines 

When you are selling your home, a property line dispute could disrupt your home sale. That means it's important to know exactly where your property begins and ends, and you may need a property line survey. If you try to sell your house and the boundary line is not settled, a resulting property dispute can really complicate the home sale process and even result in the termination of your sale. Let's explore what property lines are, how to locate them accurately, and how to address potential issues that might arise.

Understanding property lines 

Before you decide if you need a property line survey, you need to know what property lines are. Property lines, also known as official boundaries, delineate the extent of your property. They consist of the frontage, which is the space between the front of your building and the street; the sidelines, encompassing the areas on the sides of your house that don’t face the street; and the rear lot line in the back of your house. These boundary dimensions are typically determined by local zoning laws. 

When dealing with property lines, it's important to include property line and encroachment issues in your disclosure forms. Encroachment is a type of property line dispute in which a neighbor builds something that crosses or sits on your property line. While disclosure forms aren’t required when you sell your house in Atlanta, it is a good idea to disclose known encroachment issues so that you don’t run into any legal issues. 

What are property disputes?  

Certain scenarios are more likely to lead to property disputes, including: 

  • Neighbors sharing a driveway 

  • Residing on a private road

  • Owning irregularly shaped lots with shrubs planted along property lines 

In some cases, obtaining an easement for private property use may be necessary before selling your house. An easement grants another party the right to access and use your property. 

When you need a property line survey 

To resolve property line disputes, you may need to hire a licensed land surveyor. In many cases, lenders and insurance companies will request a property line survey to verify property boundaries before approving loans or coverage to buyers. 

Situations that often require property line surveys include: 

  • Properties with large acreage or extensive lot sizes 

  • Properties with unique hazards, such as sinkhole-designated areas 

  • The need for boundary confirmation 

  • Easements for utilities or properties bordering a railroad 

  • Properties undergoing significant additions like fences, decks, patios, or home extensions 

The question of who pays for the property line survey typically depends on who has a vested interest in the survey. If the buyer wants or needs the survey, then the buyer pays for the survey, and vice versa. The cost of the survey, which ranges from around $400–$800, can also be negotiated between the buyer and seller as part of the home sale agreement. 

Sell your house with a property line dispute. 

Property line disputes, especially those involving encroachments from a neighbor's property, can significantly impact your home sale. Even if you have an easement in place, potential buyers may be hesitant to purchase a property with such complications. They may prefer a hassle-free option and choose a property without these issues. 

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We can buy houses with property line disputes. 

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