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Selling your house can bring on a lot of stress and uncertainty. A big question is how much (or if) you should spend money and time to make it more marketable.

Over our 25 years, we’ve seen and made many repairs to the houses we’ve bought. Here’s some advice on the repair issues we’ve seen homeowners face most often.

How to Sell a House Quickly

Most people have heard the usual ideas about how to sell a house quickly. But some of these ideas don’t hold up when you really think about them.

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Questions to Ask a Home Buyer

Want to tell the difference between cash home buyers? It’s easier than you might think; you can learn a lot by asking only these five questions.

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Things to Think About Before Relocating

Having helped countless homeowners relocate, we have some experience to share that can help you evaluate a possible move.

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What to know when you’re wondering if you can sell a house with a cracked foundation

You can. It simply must be disclosed to the seller, and they can agree to buy the house on the terms that they’d be accepting the foundation “as is.” It can sometimes be hard to sell a house with a problematic foundation on the traditional market. But first, let’s look into signs and symptoms of a house with a cracked foundation.

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Can You Sell a House with Home Water Damage?

Water damage house problems can lead to expensive repairs and, if left unaddressed, can lead to issues that pose a serious health risk. Over time, water damage can lead to the growth of mold inside your home. This further increases the cost of repairs and the dangers of home water damage.

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Five myths about downsizing for retirement

More than half of all retirees decide to move to a smaller home to free up time and make retirement more financially secure. But others are worried about the hassles and sacrifices of moving. If you’re trying to decide whether to move or stay in your current home, make sure you don’t fall for any of these common myths about downsizing for retirement.

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Top 11 home repairs that can break the bank

With preventive maintenance and paying attention to some warning signs, you may be able to hold off or completely avoid some financially devastating repairs your home could likely need.

What are the most expensive home repairs?

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