What’s your best choice for selling your house?

Traditional listing

open house sign We know we aren’t the only way you can sell a house. If you go with a traditional listing, you could spend a lot of time and energy getting your house ready to be put on the market, showing it, and eventually closing. There could be considerable expenses to consider when making repairs, paying for deep cleaning, and storing furniture to help stage the house.

Do you really want to deal with the stress of last-minute showings, always keeping the house spotless, and having to leave in a rush to let strangers wander through your house? Plus, you’ll have the uncertainty of not knowing how long your house will be on the market, and if you do get an offer, there’s no guarantee it will actually close.

Other cash buyers

we buy houses for cash signWe buy houses for cash fast, but we know there are other buyers out there. Many of them might make you an attractive initial offer, but they reserve the right to lower that offer or charge you fees once they make a full inspection of your house.

Often, that happens right before closing, leaving you with less money in your pocket. And they might delay your closing while they search for financing or the next buyer for your house. 

If they can’t secure either of those things, they could completely walk away from the sale, leaving you back where you started, but after weeks of delay and possibly even more financial stress.

How We Work

We visit your house at no cost, and you are under no obligation to accept our offer. We work with you to determine how we can best help you and your unique situation. Often, on that first visit, we make a firm cash offer that we won’t lower before closing. We can buy houses “as is,” meaning no repairs, cleaning, or removal of furniture or clutter. When you move, you can even leave items that you no longer want, and we’ll take care of them. We’ve helped more homeowners than anyone with a quick all-cash sale and are dedicated to helping you sell your house quick, easy, and hassle free. Plus, you don’t pay any commissions and we pay all normal closing costs, putting more money in your pocket.

We Buy Ugly Houses beats out traditional listings, online buyers, and local flippers

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We’ve helped more homeowners out of tough situations than anyone.

Ug Lee the caveman wants you to know something
Ug Lee the caveman wants you to know something Ug Lee the caveman wants you to know something

We’ve helped more homeowners out of tough situations than anyone.

A house can be a wonderful blessing, but it can turn into a burden. And we’re ready to help you sell a house for cash. We’ve helped many homeowners leave behind a house that’s become a hassle and move on to a new life with peace of mind, free of the stress a problem house can bring on.

There's no faster or easier way to sell a house for cash.

At We Buy Ugly Houses®, we want to make you a firm cash offer as soon as possible, one that you can trust won’t be reduced before closing. Often on our first visit to your house, we can make this kind of offer. We can close in as few as three weeks—you won’t pay any commissions, and we pay all normal closing costs. You’ll know how much cash you’ll receive at closing. And isn’t that what you want when you sell a house for cash?

Selling your house to us without going through the typical process or dealing with less-experienced cash buyers is an easy, fast, dependable way to sell your house.

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