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Massachusetts Housing Stats

With a population of roughly 7 million according the US Census data, Massachusetts has roughly 2,947,000 housing units available. Housing units have only increased a bit over 3% since 2010, which lags the US average of 5%. The median home value was $366,800 at the end of 2019.

The median household income in the state is $79,591, with a population growth rate of .66% a year from 2010 through 2019. The demographics of the state are aging as well, with the senior population expected to increase by 56% over the next twenty years.

One of the interesting features of home in Massachusetts is when they were built. The biggest contingent of homes were built in the 1980s, as were the surrounding states of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. That’s much newer than the surrounding states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York which the biggest contingent of homes were built in the 1950s. Yes, you read that right. The biggest group of homes in Massachusetts is roughly 30 years newer than several surrounding states.

In conclusion, there is a high cost of housing in the state that does not look to lessen anytime soon. The high cost of housing and lack of affordable options near city centers has a negative impact overall. We can reasonably expect the Massachusetts state government as well as local municipalities to continue to address new housing construction to aid in making housing more affordable.

(Stats from MA Hometownlocator and Zillow)