About We Buy Ugly Houses®.

We Buy Ugly Houses® history.

We Buy Ugly Houses®  was created in 1996 and operates with over 1,100  local, independent home buyers. Since then, We Buy Ugly Houses franchisees have purchased over 140,000  homes nationwide.

We're all cash home buyers.

We Buy Ugly Houses franchisees are home buyers who purchase “ugly” homes. This includes homes that are difficult to sell for a number of reasons, and also homes that have their owners in ugly, captive situations. We pay cash to purchase these homes from their owners, rehab them, and then sell these homes to investors or buyers, or rent them to tenants.

In doing so, we’re home buyers who help the owners get out of their “ugly” housing situation so they can finally move onto a new life, and we provide outstanding opportunities for renters and first time home buyers while dramatically improving neighborhoods throughout the process.

We Buy Ugly Houses® franchisees

We Buy Ugly Houses has over 1,100  franchisees spanning across 47 states and growing. The We Buy Ugly Houses business model includes systems and standards that help to ensure the responsible business practices and high ethical standards of our franchisees.

The We Buy Ugly Houses franchise is a low-cost opportunity for investors interested in building wealth through their own real estate investment business. Our unique franchise opportunity includes proprietary software that franchisees use to build their business by giving them the tools to evaluate homes for purchase and estimate repairs. We also provide mass advertising campaigns and direct selling campaigns that help our franchisees identify investors and home buyers with a stake in area neighborhoods.

We Buy Ugly Houses provides consistent support to our franchisees. We help them build their real estate portfolios by acquiring homes at discount prices, renovating them, and then either selling them to home buyers or renting them.

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Whether you’re a homeowner with a need to sell your ugly house, someone looking to buy or rent a home, or an investor seeking a franchise opportunity, we're excited to speak with you.

Give We Buy Ugly Houses a call anytime at 866-200-6475 or fill out the contact form on our website. We’re home buyers, happy to answer your questions or help you into a home or out of an “ugly situation”. It all starts with contacting us, so call or submit our website form today!

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