We Buy Ugly Houses®

We Buy Houses "As-Is"

We Buy Ugly Houses®

We Buy Houses "As-Is"

We see potential in every house.

We love ugly homes here at We Buy Ugly Houses®. We’re a national franchise network of home buyers. Not only have we enjoyed five consecutive years on the Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Fortune 500” list, we’re also the number one home buyer in America. We buy ugly houses, every day—and we’d like to buy yours too.

Our definition of ugly house.

What are ugly houses?

That simple question involves a more complex answer than most people expect. Sure, there are ugly houses with cosmetic issues that make even the least picky house buyer run the other way, but we think the term “ugly” means a lot more than that.

To us, ugly means a house in poor condition, a house where the owners are in an ugly situation, or a house that is just plain ugly, including:

  • Houses with structural problems like a cracked foundation
  • Houses located in high crime areas or undesirable neighborhoods
  • Houses in an inconvenient location for a homeowner such as in a long commute to work
  • Houses located in an area prone to weather damage like flood plains
  • Houses with less than desirable mortgage terms, high payments, or high-interest rates
  • Houses with mortgage balances that well exceed the market value of the house
  • Houses with tragic memories or experiences that make the homeowner want to get out
  • Houses that were inherited where the new owner can’t afford to keep it
  • Houses with any condition or circumstance that makes it ugly to the homeowner

Why do people sell their ugly houses?

People all over the United States sell their houses to We Buy Ugly Houses® for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Downsizing or retiring
  • Relocating to another city
  • Job loss
  • Divorcing
  • Needing to liquidate assets
  • Unexpected medical bills
  • Facing foreclosure
  • Not wanting to pour money into repairs
  • And more

The number one thing people selling their ugly houses have in common is the need to sell their ugly house fast to an honest house buyer who can promise a quick, hassle-free, all-cash sale. That’s where We Buy Ugly Houses® excels.

We’re looking for ugly houses now.

We Buy Ugly Houses® is always in the market to pay cash for ugly houses, so contact us today if you have an ugly house you’d like to sell fast for cash.

  • We pay cash for your house in its current condition
  • We can usually close within 30 days
  • We pay all regular closing costs
  • We offer the ideal solution for getting out of ugly houses quick

Call us today, or fill out our convenient online contact form, to tell us a little about your house. We’ll send a We Buy Ugly Houses® franchisee in your local area to your house to make a free, fair, no-obligation all-cash offer. You can accept the offer and we’ll close usually within 30 days, or you can choose not to accept the offer. Our service is free and the decision is all up to you.

Ugly house®? Getting out of a hard situation is really simple. Just contact us today!

Are you interested in buying a house? We Buy Ugly Houses® can help. We buy ugly houses, repair them, and then resell these fully renovated houses to house buyers just like you. Call now to learn more!

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