Get needed relief from financial stress when you can’t afford mortgage payments or other debt.

Are financial concerns causing you stress?

It seems like today life can throw even more complications at us than it used to. It’s sad to see how common it is for people to find they suddenly have unmanageable debt burdens. Payments for mortgages, credit cards, car loans, school loans, and other debt can easily become more than you can handle.

If that’s why you’re considering selling your house, we can help you.

It doesn’t take much to disrupt most people’s financial well-being—unexpected expenses, lay-offs or salary cuts, medical costs, house repairs, and more. You may even be facing the threat of foreclosure and the prospect of losing the equity in your house to your bank or mortgage company.

We can customize a solution for your situation.

We Buy Ugly Houses® has helped more homeowners than anyone with a quick cash sale, and we can work with you to find a solution for your unique situation. If we can buy your house fast for cash, it can help spare you the heartache and trouble that comes from foreclosure or other financial difficulties.

Getting our firm cash offer is simple, easy, and free.

We buy houses “as is.” You won’t have to spend time or money making any repairs, having showings, or even picking up a broom. We can make a firm cash offer on our first visit, and unlike many of our competitors, it won’t be lowered or have surprise fees deducted before closing. You’ll know how much cash you’ll receive, and we can close within three weeks, or later, if that works better for you. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have with a fresh start.

We can offer a simple solution to the most difficult situation. We have been providing “Solutions for Ugly Situations®” to homeowners since 1996. Get a firm cash offer for the help you need now or learn more about how it works with our brief video.

How We Work

At We Buy Ugly Houses, we have the trusted know-how to close quickly with an all-cash offer. We cover all typical closing costs and don’t charge commissions or fees, saving you money. You can even leave behind anything you don’t want to move, and we’ll take care of it. We have our own financing and don’t need to wait for approval from a bank, making our process quick, easy, and hassle-free.  


Communication was effortless, negotiations were a breeze, super professional and compassionate customer service, and just an overall good experience during a time when we needed stability and an easy sale.

-Jesi M.

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“When my mother died, we were embarrassed how her home had fallen to disrepair. The HomeVestors associate was sensitive, made our mother’s passing a lot easier for us.”

Tomee P. , Madison, WI

“HomeVestors made it easy for us to sell our house. The representative was very joyful and easy to work with. The process was very fast.”

Cuc & Phung N. , Tampa, FL

“Due to a medical hardship, my family elected to relocate our parents. I am thankful companies such as yours remain trustworthy. I could not be more satisfied.”

Jim F.

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