We buy houses in Marietta!

America’s #1 home buyer

We buy houses in Marietta!

America’s #1 home buyer

Common reasons Marietta, GA residents sell their houses fast

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Loss of a loved one

Family emergencies can cause residents to have to act fast. Many times, people need to move unexpectedly in order to make arrangements or care for other people in the family. Family comes first, and selling a house should come second. This is why many people come to us for help.

Career changes

Mark this down as one of the more positive reasons for having to sell your house quickly. A new job might mean a more preferable working environment and increased pay, but it often necessitates relocation to a new area. Whether you’re moving completely out of state or just trying to find a place to live that’s closer to your workplace, companies typically don’t give you a lot of time. This adds a lot of pressure since it leaves you with two undesirable options: paying for two residences at once or telling your new employer to wait patiently while you try to sell your house. 

Divorce or downsizing

Divorce can be a difficult time for you and your family. Many divorces will require that assets be split, and that usually includes the family home. Often, people choose to sell a house fast in Marietta because it takes the strain off having to be hurt anymore by the effects of the divorce. Residents could also consider downsizing due to children moving out of the house, or for retirement.

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Ugly house

There are a lot of reasons an owner might consider their house to be ‘ugly,’ and not all of them have to be readily apparent. Some houses are poorly designed or have an outdated look that is undesirable. Other houses are ugly in the sense that they have major underlying problems such as foundation damage, water damage, or termite damage. Instead of investing unbearable amounts of time and money into these problems, many people opt for a simpler solution.

We buy houses in Marietta, GA.

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  • We close fast.

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Sell your house fast for cash in Atlanta.

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