Tips For Selling Your Home In Spring

Tips For Selling Your Home In Spring

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When is the best time to sell a house? 

The spring season is one of the most favorable times to put your home on the market. Thanks to warm weather, long days, and good lighting—not to mention the fresh foliage blooming—it’s an appealing time for prospective buyers to view your property.  

But how early or late in the season should you list your house? According to real estate professionals, early May is often seen as an optimal time. This gives buyers plenty of time to look around before school lets out and summer vacation hits full swing. If you’re looking to list in spring and get a jump on the competition, consider starting around mid-April. This will give you a good head start before a lot more listings start popping up in May. 

The spring real estate market 

Since the spring season is a great time to get your house on the market, there are some tips for selling your home that you should keep in mind to maximize your chances of a successful sale.
  • Get to know the local market. High demand for homes during the spring season causes an uptick in prices as buyers flock to view homes that have just come on the market. This makes it a great time for home sellers to make sure they’re getting top dollar for their properties. 
  • Location matters. Your house’s location can make or break its salability, so having a good understanding of your local real estate market is key during this period. Houses located in sought-after cities may enjoy higher prices than their rural counterparts due to higher demand. However, rural areas can sometimes benefit from lower supply and get higher return rates, since people are less likely to be competing against each other in these markets. 


Benefits of selling during the spring 

If you’re looking to sell your house this spring, you’re not alone! The spring selling season is considered one of the most dynamic real estate market periods of the year. With longer days and warmer weather, the spring season is full of potential buyers ready to get their hands on a new house. 

There are several key benefits to selling a house in the spring. You can take advantage of the spring season to stage your house and make it more visually appealing for potential buyers. Prices tend to be higher, which means that you can fetch a premium for your house.  

Most importantly, there is increased demand for houses during this time, as many people look to buy ahead of summer—giving you an excellent opportunity to maximize returns on your house sale. That means that making sure your house is prepared for a spring sale is paramount.  

Home-selling tips for the spring season 

Curb appeal is important any time of year, but most of all during the busy spring selling season. Many buyers look for move-in ready homes or at least want a house that has nice features and doesn’t require a lot of upgrades. Here’s what you can do to make sure you are ready for the spring selling season:
  • Clean out the clutter. This is the time to get rid of anything that’s been accumulating in your house. Put away objects that are taking up space or that make your house look crowded and messy. 
  • Remove personal décor. When staging your home to sell, it’s important to de-personalize it. You want potential buyers to be able to envision their own family and style in the space, so remove any overly personal items from walls or pieces of furniture. 
  • Maintain your lawn. Do a quick check of your yard and make sure everything is neat and tidy for interested buyers. Cut back shrubs, repaint fences and siding, and sweep walkways and clear out the gutters if needed.  
  • Do small DIY upgrades. If you have time before listing your home on the market, you could make easy improvements like painting a room or replacing light fixtures. Simple jobs like these can attract higher offers from buyers who are looking for a move-in ready house.  
  • Create usable outdoor spaces. Use this time of year to create outdoor entertaining spaces by adding planters, seating options, and other amenities (like a fire pit or a grill) that can be used in staging your lawn through the summer if necessary.  
  • Check your AC unit. One of the most important things you should do before listing your house in the spring is to make sure your AC unit is in good working order and there aren’t any leaks or issues. Repairs can be extensive and costly, so you’ll want to do your best to avoid putting it off.  

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Your options during the spring selling season 

When it comes to selling your house in the spring, you have a variety of choices, including a traditional listing or working with iBuyers—you should research and compare options to decide which works best for you and your situation. Traditional listing could be a good option if you have time and want the help of a real estate agent. You’ll need to clean up around the house and make sure it looks great for potential buyers, which may also require some repairs or upgrades. 

Or you could work with us, America’s #1 cash home buyer. Our process is designed with sellers in mind. With We Buy Ugly Houses®, there’s no need to fix up anything—we buy houses “as is!” That means no spring cleaning or repairs are needed. Just give us a call, and we’ll come to your home for a free consultation and may make you an all-cash offer on the spot. If you accept our no-obligation offer, we can close fast, sometimes in as little as 3 weeks. If you need longer, don’t worry. We work with our sellers to close on a timeline that fits their needs.  

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