Should You Accept a Cash Offer for Your House?

Should You Accept a Cash Offer for Your House?

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Data from, a real estate statistics firm, demonstrates that 36.1% of all house sales in 2022 were all-cash sales. That’s more than a third of all house sales across the nation. Higher percentages were seen in some areas. For example, according to, the percentage of all cash houses bought in Augusta, Georgia was 72.1%. Flint, Michigan came in at 59.5% with Naples, Florida close behind at 58.2%. 

What are the advantages of selling a house for cash? 

  • When you sell a house for cash to a cash house buyer, you can expect a speedier transaction than a traditional sale with a real estate agent. There are several reasons for this. If you accept a cash offer from a reputable and experienced house-buying company, there is no mortgage involved; therefore, there’s no mortgage application to deal with, and no appraisal needed.  

  • Mortgage loan companies require an appraisal of a house before they consider loaning the house buyer money. The lender wants to make certain that the house is a good investment. Selling to a cash buyer means you can generally avoid having to wait for an appraiser and then for the report. 

  • When you sell to one of the reputable companies that buy houses, you won’t have to put up with the inconvenience of strangers trudging through your house and disturbing your peace and privacy. 

  • You won’t have to wait months with your house on the market. 

What kinds of homes are likely to be “cash only?”

Generally, “cash only” houses that don’t qualify for a mortgage loan need repairs that the owner can’t afford. Sometimes the owner simply doesn’t want to be bothered with the hassles of making updates and fixing problems like broken windows or faulty plumbing. This is especially common with rental houses that have gradually fallen into disrepair or that tenants have abused. 

Discovering a cracked foundation when selling your house is another reason a house sells for “cash only.” Foundation problems cost a lot of money to fix and are sometimes not detected until a house is inspected.

Who buys a house for cash?

A small percentage of home buyers have the money to buy a property for cash. If you are selling your house, the chances of selling it for cash are small if selling the traditional way through a real estate agent. However, cash house-buying companies generally pay in all cash because that’s their business model.

We Buy Ugly Houses® pays cash for houses.

If you want to skip all the hassles of selling your house the traditional way, consider selling to America’s #1 home buyer, We Buy Ugly Houses®. We pay cash for houses and buy them in “as is” condition. That means you can avoid making repairs, updates, painting, and even deep cleaning your house. There’s no need to declutter, either. If there are items you no longer want, just leave them and we’ll take care of them.

When you sell to us, you won’t have to put up with house showings or pay commissions to real estate agents. You’ll also save a lot of time by selling fast. Some of our customers have financial problems and need cash fast. Some want to relocate fast or downsize to retire. Other folks just want to avoid the hassles that go with selling traditionally. There are a variety of reasons why people want to sell fast and get paid in cash.


You can trust We Buy Ugly Houses®.

As top-notch cash house buyers, we understand that each homeowner and house is unique, and we adjust our streamlined process accordingly to fit each situation. We want our sellers to be well-informed and comfortable each step of the transaction.

We are a franchise of highly reputable and customer-focused property buyers. We’ve been in business for more than 25 years. Our satisfied clients vouch for our honesty, professionalism, and personal support. We have an amazing 95%* customer satisfaction rating.

How to get a cash offer from We Buy Ugly Houses®

When you receive a cash offer on your house from We Buy Ugly Houses, you can be certain it will be a fair offer. Our property specialists live in your community and know the local housing market inside and out. 

To get started or to learn more, simply fill out our online form or call us to get a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly, local property specialists. While at your house, we will take a tour and answer all your questions. Frequently, we can give you a fair cash offer on the spot. If you accept, you’re on your way to a speedy closing and cash in your pocket. Call us at 866-200-6475 to get started!