Can you sell an abandoned house?

Can you sell an abandoned house?

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Abandoned property in Atlanta 

Atlanta has a problem with abandoned houses. These deserted houses often come with a lot of issues, from structural damage to squatters. Vacant, abandoned houses can attract crime, cause hazardous health conditions, and even hurt your credit score.  

According to Today’s Homeowner, about 16 million homes in the United States are considered vacant. Vacancy rates in Atlanta are at 7.8%, which include rental properties and single-family homes. Learn more about vacant houses and how you can sell a vacant house in Atlanta. 

What is an abandoned house? 

While abandoned properties can be confused with vacant or condemned properties, there is a difference: 

  • Vacant properties still belong to the owner even though they are uninhabited. 

  • Condemned properties are deemed unsafe for habitation by the local government. 

Abandonment of property occurs when the owner has intentionally released any rights they have to the property and has no intention of returning or reclaiming the property. Additionally, if the owner passes away with no heirs or legal representatives who claim the property, it is also considered abandoned. An abandoned property can’t be sold by the original owner.  

What do I do about my vacant house? 

Abandoned houses are managed by the local county government. In Atlanta, you need to register a property that has remained vacant for at least 30 days, including your contact information or the information of the person responsible for maintaining the property’s safety and security. Homeowners have 60 days from the date when the property becomes vacant to register the property, and 90 days from the date to register a transferred vacant property. Registration fees are $100 per property. Failure to register a vacant property can result in fines. In the state of Georgia, a property can be considered abandoned if the owner can’t be identified or doesn’t respond to delivery of certified mail within 90 days. It’s important to keep in mind that a property owner cannot reclaim abandoned property that has been adversely claimed. 

What happens when your house becomes vacant? 

When you vacate a home, you will still need to pay property taxes and any outstanding mortgage payments. If you fail to make these payments, the overdue amount could turn into a lien on the property, which makes the property act as collateral for the debt. If the balance is not paid, the lender or local government can sell the property in a property tax sale. This could have a negative impact on your credit. 

It is also important to ensure your property is secure and protected from trespassers and squatters. According to Bloomberg, Atlanta has a higher rate of squatters than any other metro area in the United States—with more than 1,200 homes affected.  

Ready to sell your vacant house? 

If you have a vacant property that could become abandoned, you may want to sell your house before that happens. There are many reasons why you may want to sell a vacant house before it’s considered abandoned, including:  

  • Inheriting a house 

  • Owning a vacation home 

  • Moving into a new home while owning a previous home  

  • Experiencing financial difficulties 

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