Houston celebrity homes, then and now.

Houston celebrity homes, then and now.

There are several celebrities that call Houston home. Some you might have known about and others might surprise you and make you proud to be a Houstonite. No matter what your knowledge is of Houston born celebrities, it’s certainly interesting to take a look at their lives growing up in Houston and where they are now. We researched some of the biggest names from Houston to see the difference between their homes then and now.

Hillary Duff is the first celebrity on our list who is from Houston. Duff is best known for starring in the Disney hit TV series Lizzy McGuire. She went on to star in some lesser-known movies and now at the age of 25, she has taken some time off from TV stardom to spend it with her husband, Mike Comrie and their new baby. After her time off she plans to get back in to entertainment focusing in her music. She grew up in the Memorial area of Houston, which is known as one of the wealthiest parts of the metro area. Houses here average $1 million. Although she hardly grew up in the slums, she put her very first mansion up for sale for $6.25 million back in 2011, so she’s definitely traded up.

Our next celebrity who grew up in Houston and rose to the top is none other than Beyonce Knowles. It’s true; this music and movie guru is a true Texan. She learned how to sing and shake her moneymaker while growing up at 20 Farnham Park Drive. The home was recently listed for $3 million so her story is hardly a rags to riches story either. That doesn’t mean that her housing upgrade wasn’t significant. After she married rapper Jay-Z, rumor has it that they paid $40 million for their Malibu home. It is a mansion complete with an in-home gym, theater, pool, tennis court and underground garage.

The next Houston raised celebrity on our list is Renee Zellweger. This Academy Award winning actress known for starring in movies such as Chicago, Jerry McGuire, Bridget Jones’ Diary and Nurse Betty, grew up in the town of Katy. Katy is known for residents who want to be close to all that Houston has to offer but want to live in a quieter neighborhood. The average price of a home in Katy is $270,000. She didn’t have quite the lavish upbringing that Knowles or Duff did but Katy is hardly a rough area. Zellweger recently sold her two Upper East Side Manhattan apartments for a combined total of $8.9 million. It’s safe to say that since she can make it there, she can make it anywhere.

Our final Houston celebrities on the list are brothers Dennis and Randy Quaid. You might not have known these two actors are related or from Texas but they are. Randy is most memorable for his comedic portrayal of Cousin Eddie in the Vacation movie series. Dennis is known for quite a few more roles including; Great Balls of Fire, Something to Talk About, Any Given Sunday and the Day After Tomorrow to name a few. The boys grew up in Bellaire, which is a suburb of Houston. The average price of a home in Bellaire is $470,000 so chances are these actor brothers lived in a decent home as kids. Randy hit a bit of a rough patch and he was found living with his wife in their car in 2010 and facing some burglary charges. Dennis Quaid, on the other hand, recently sold his Pacific Palisades mansion for $9.5 million. The brothers look quite different and it seems as though their careers have turned out quite differently as well.

There you have it, the top list of celebrities who grew up in Houston and what their childhood homes were like compared to the digs they recently purchased. It’s hard to believe that so much star power came from Houston and we didn’t even include everyone. Maybe it’s a good idea to keep those old yearbooks after all, you never know who will end up famous.