Is Foundation Shifting Affecting Your Home in Houston?

Is Foundation Shifting Affecting Your Home in Houston?

Homes in Texas often have foundation issues. A home’s foundation is the structural base upon which the rest of the house is built, and fixing foundation problems can be tricky and expensive.  If something like a door or a window breaks inside a house, only that one item will be impacted. If a house’s foundation is damaged, it can cause problems throughout the home. The issue is made even more complicated by the fact that it’s common in Texas for a foundation to change or shift over time.

How do you tell the difference between a foundation that’s shifting versus one that’s damaged?

In this post, we’ll examine the cause of foundation issues in Houston, common signs that indicate larger problems, and what to do if you plan to sell a home with foundation issues.

Causes of Foundation Issues in Houston:

Some of the most common causes of foundation problems in Texas include:

Improper Concrete Mix: All concrete mix isn’t created equal. Some mixes meant to withstand extreme temperature changes while others are suited to handle different levels of humidity. If a foundation is built using the wrong mix, this can result in serious long-term issues.

Excessive Moisture: When soil absorbs water, it swells up then contracts as it dries. Your home’s foundation is built on top of this soil, so all this moving puts pressure on it that can lead to cracks, leaks, and other problems. There’s nothing you can do to stop rain from falling on your home, but a proper drainage and gutter system will help to keep water from pooling in the soil next to your foundation.

How to tell if your home is at risk:

Cracks are usually a clear sign that you have foundation issues, but there’s also the possibility that the cracks are merely cosmetic. Other signs like sticking doors, pooling water, and uneven floors can tell you that your home likely has a foundation issue.

If you see warning signs, don’t wait around and hope for the best. Early detection can save you a lot of time and money. Like most problems, it’s best if you fix foundation problems early. Call in a professional to get a definitive answer on the severity of the issue.

Can you sell a home with foundation issues in Houston?

One of the worst things about foundation issues is how expensive they are to fix. It’s not uncommon to get an estimate for over $10,000 in repairs to fix a broken foundation. As you can imagine, many homeowners or homebuyers don’t want to deal with this hassle themselves. This can make it very difficult to get your home sold without having to come out of pocket for repairs.

We do buy houses in all sorts of conditions, including those with foundation issues. If you do want to sell and not deal with tacking it yourself, we can help you make it happen. Contact us today to schedule a home visit and a no-obligation cash offer for your home.