Stop My Foreclosure In Texas!

Save Your Texas Home From The Bank

Stop My Foreclosure In Texas!

Save Your Texas Home From The Bank

Are You Exiting Forbearance Or Behind On Mortgage Payments In Texas? 

Act now and We Buy Ugly Houses® can buy your house for cash fast. We  want to help you avoid foreclosure. Keep your home off the auction list!  The time to act is now. Contact our local home buying specialist to get a no-obligation, free cash offer. We can close fast.

You have an opportunity! Texas housing markets are hot, and prices are climbing.  You may have enough equity in your home to pay your mortgage. Don’t lose it!  Our Texas home specialists can help you through this process. You can get cash for your house and avoid losing it at auction.

You Have A Big Opportunity

We are in one of the best housing markets for sellers in recent memory. Texas home values are so high, homeowners can even sell their way out of foreclosure.

A foreclosure will do severe damage to your credit and leave you with nothing. But if you have enough equity in your house, you can sell it, pay your debt, and maybe even still have cash left over.  

The Dallas Morning News reported CoreLogic – a business intelligence firm that serves real estate experts – estimated 98% of Texas homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments have positive equity in their homes. Their houses are worth more now than when they bought them!

Odds are you’re somewhere in that 98%. Selling your house could stop your foreclosure!

We can give you a no-obligation cash offer for your home.

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When Does A Foreclosure Start In Texas?

Federal law requires that lenders wait until a loan is delinquent for 120 days before  they can send a notice of default. The day a homeowner gets a default notice is the first day in their foreclosure process.

Texas Foreclosure Law & Process

Foreclosure laws in Texas are similar to the laws in most states, but there are some important things to remember:

  • Most foreclosures in Texas are non-judicial – lenders do not have to get approval from a court.
  • Lenders give two notices of foreclosure: a notice of default and a notice of sale. The notice of default starts the foreclosure process. You get a minimum of 20 days to pay your balance before the sale proceeds. The notice of sale starts a 21-day countdown to the day of the auction.
  • Foreclosure auctions are held at the county courthouse on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • You could still be forced to pay the lender after a nonjudicial foreclosure if they get less money in the auction than you owe on your home loan. The lender can file a deficiency judgment to make you pay back the difference.
  • In Texas, you do not have the right to buy back your property if it is sold to someone else in an auction.

Stop A Dallas Foreclosure

Time is of the essence when you’re facing a foreclosure.

Our local homebuyers in Dallas are market experts. They can quickly answer your questions about stopping a foreclosure, market trends, and selling your house fast.

Get the cash you need to stop the bank from taking your house.

Get a cash offer from one of our Dallas homebuyers. Fill out our First Step form or call 866-200-6475.

 Stop your foreclosure in Dallas!

Stop A Houston Foreclosure

We Buy Ugly Houses® Houston is working every day to help Houston homeowners escape ugly foreclosures.

Our independent homebuyers can visit your house in person or virtually and make a fast cash offer. They are market specialists who can thoroughly explain our fast-buying process. They’re waiting to help you stop your Houston foreclosure.

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Stop Your Austin Foreclosure

The Austin area is seeing major impacts to the housing market. As home prices continue to rise, it is important to protect your equity when you need an exit plan. If you are behind on payments or in foreclosure, you need help.

Our Austin market specialists can help you with the process of stopping your Austin foreclosure. Don’t lose the equity in your house. We Buy Ugly Houses® can buy your home before it is gone.

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Stop A Fort Worth Foreclosure

You’ll be in good hands when you choose to sell your house to our homebuyers in Fort Worth. This is a scary moment, but our trusted buyers can see you through it.

You don’t have to lose your house in foreclosure. Lean on We Buy Ugly Houses® Fort Worth’s expertise. Our independent homebuyers can make you a cash offer fast.

Let us try to guide you out of foreclosure. Get cash for your house and protect your credit.

Fill out our First Step form or call 866-200-6475 to stop your Fort Worth foreclosure. 

Stop A San Antonio Foreclosure

You don’t have to do this alone. Our trusted homebuyers in San Antonio are experts who can quickly explain our buying process.

The bank just wants their money back. They don’t care how you get it. Take advantage of our market specialists’ expertise and sell your house.

You can cash in your home equity and avoid foreclosure. We can buy fast enough to close before your house goes to auction.

Don’t fix anything. Don’t make any improvements. Just call our local property specialist to sell your house fast to help stop your foreclosure.

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