Abandoned house in your Houston neighborhood

Abandoned house in your Houston neighborhood

Abandoned properties aren’t just eyesores—they’re also symptoms of economic forces at work in the community. This can signify a decrease in property values and an increase in welfare levels.

Texas has its fair share of abandoned homes. In Houston for example, the vacancy rate of abandoned homes is 10%, with roughly 235,229 vacant units. These numbers are sure to rise in light of the severe damage left in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

So, what should you do about the abandoned house next door?

Know your local land laws.

Make sure to research all codes pertaining to vacant homes in your area. Such laws will regulate poorly maintained landscaping, peeling paint, trash strewn lawns, and blown out windows.

Local ordinances will also address issues in which the abandoned home might affect public safety. Examples would include power lines covered by tree limbs, abandoned animals, and mosquito-infested pools.

Contact your local municipality.

If an abandoned house in your neighborhood is in violation of the law, contact your local district housing authority immediately to let them know. Ordinances may not be automatically enforced, but if you have researched the laws, you will have more leverage in demanding the municipality’s attention.

Once informed, districts typically won’t address major repairs without consent, but will send zoning inspectors to help resolve small issues. Furthermore, they may not be able to take action unless the owner has given consent.

Contact the homeowner.

Another method of eliminating issues caused by abandoned homes is to communicate directly with the owner. If you can make contact, we encourage you to discuss ways to work together to maintain the property until it’s sold.

Unfortunately, locating the owner can be labor-intensive. If you are having trouble, we recommend researching county records to find the deed to the property, which will list the owner.

Although, addressing the problems of an abandoned house can cause tremendous stress to you and your family, inevitably taking up a significant amount of time. But, if you don’t take action, your property values can decrease significantly. Also, upticks in crime that go along with abandoned houses can threaten you and your family. Many times, looking into ways the home can be sold can be your best option.

Contact an agent at We Buy Ugly Houses® to come out and assess the abandoned house. Our agents will be able to look into purchasing the home, easing your concerns of living in a neighborhood affected by a derelict house. Contact We Buy Ugly Houses today to learn more!

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