Belfiore Brings in Houston’s High Rollers

Posted on July 12, 2013 | Back to blog

Houston Real Estate

Developer Giorgio Borlenghi is at it again, building beautiful properties designed to provide luxurious living options to the super wealthy. His most recent project is Belfiore, a high rise to be built in uptown Houston. The building isn’t completed yet and won’t be until the spring of 2016 but it is already drawing quite a bit of attention. So, what’s all the fuss about? Isn’t this just another luxury high rise? Maybe not, maybe there’s something more to these multi-million dollar units.

Borlenghi is known as the man behind some of the most beautiful high rises in Houston. That being said, he knows the real estate market and he knows it very well. Many real estate experts think that his commitment to such a luxurious property as the Belfiore indicates that the economy, and more specifically the real estate market, is back on the way to prosperity. There is a good chance that other developers will follow his lead and start developing luxury condos of their own. So in other words, Borlenghi’s investment in Houston is a very good sign.

Another reason this development has gotten so much attention is because it is truly the definition of living large. This building will be 26 stories high and only have two units per floor. Each unit will be approximately 4,450 square feet each. There are also two penthouses available that are even larger. He claims that this building is aimed at the empty nesters who want to downsize but don’t want to give up the quality of their living space. He may be on to something, 14 of the units have already been sold and construction hasn’t even started.

These gorgeous living spaces are going to cost you. The current price is approximately $600 per square feet or $2.8 million. Although that is a high price for many people, you are certainly going to get a lot in return. The entire development sits on two acres and will feature 11-foot ceilings and views of downtown and Tanglewood. Residents will also have access to a 24-hour concierge, valet service and underground parking. Another feature this building will have that many other condo developments lack is a small and intimate size. Although the building is an impressive sky rise, there will only be 46 units which means residents will experience the best of exclusivity and service.

If this sounds like your ideal home, don’t delay. Units are already selling fast and this is quickly becoming the place to live in midtown Houston. Since the real estate marketing is starting to show even stronger signs of growth, now is the time to act.