Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta

The definition of what makes someone feels safe is often different for every person. Some people might feel safe walking around at night while other people wouldn’t dare leave their homes after the sun goes down. One measurement of safety that pretty much everyone can agree on is how much crime is in a particular area. That’s how we measured the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta. Whether you live in the Atlanta area and are looking to move or you are new and want to know what areas are safe to explore, the information we gathered should help you determine some of the safest spots.

Buckhead Village

Street Advisor takes in to account actual residents of Atlanta and offers several different characteristics to use to determine what type of neighborhood is best for you. When it comes to one of the safest and the quietest they selected Buckhead Village. This neighborhood is located in North Atlanta and is easily accessed by US Highway 19, State Route 237 and State Route 9. Although crime rates are high in Atlanta, this area is reportedly more safe.

Tuxedo Park

A portion of Buckhead Village that has drawn a lot of its own attention for safety is Tuxedo Park. This is one of the wealthiest areas of Atlanta where most homes for sale are valued in the low millions. Another perk to this neighborhood is that most of the area’s sought after schools are here. Crime rates in this neighborhood are also above the national average but are significantly less than other Atlanta metro neighborhoods.

Ansley Park

Another neighborhood that was selected as a safe and sound Atlanta neighborhood is Ansley Park. This neighborhood is located just north of the midtown area. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Atlanta, which means it is full of charming and unique architecture. Crimes recorded as taking place in this area are limited to theft. With proper precautions, theft is not a huge concern.

Druid Hills

Last on our list of safest neighborhoods in Atlanta is Druid Hills. It is located northeast of downtown Atlanta and can be accessed by Ponce de Leon and Freedom Parkway.  This is another residential neighborhood that is known for its excellent schools. There are also a lot of green open spaces in this neighborhood that are perfect for the whole family. Property crime and violent crime are both higher in Druid Hills than the national average but again they are much lower than nearby neighborhoods.

Depending on what you want in a neighborhood and what you consider safe, Atlanta has one that you can either call home or explore. No matter how safe someone else considers an area, it’s always important to practice street smarts; lock your car, hide your valuables and always let someone know where you are going if you venture out by yourself. After all, better safe than sorry.