Remodeling projects that require a permit in Atlanta

Remodeling projects that require a permit in Atlanta

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Home renovations can increase the value of your house.

Updating your house or giving an older house a facelift before putting it on the market can increase the value of your house and result in higher profits when you sell. However, if you are planning a major renovation, it’s important to be aware of the necessary permits mandated by Atlanta or Georgia state government. Not all projects need a permit. For example, painting, trim work or carpeting don’t require a permit. 

How COVID-19 lockdown caused a home renovation problem in Atlanta

During the COVID-19 lockdown, hardware stores were allowed to stay open, and many people decided to make good use of the downtime by doing DIY home renovation projects. Watching home improvement shows and YouTube tutorials, many Atlanta homeowners took on large projects themselves, without bothering to obtain permits.  

The problem became so common and prevalent that the Atlanta government set up an anonymous hotline to report unpermitted work. Dubbed “Codebusters,” its slogan was “If the work’s not good in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Codebusters.” The hotline is still on the Atlanta government website. The Atlanta police department also has a page devoted to how to report a code violation

Whether or not the DIYers’ projects turned out well, the homeowners may face problems when selling their house. In Atlanta, unpermitted work when selling a house must be disclosed. It’s the law. In some cases, a retroactive permit is required, and the unpermitted work may need to be demolished and redone with the proper permits and inspections. Homeowners could also face consequences, including their homeowner's insurance being cancelled.

Which remodeling projects need permits in Atlanta?  

When you are considering house renovations in Atlanta, check out the following list of work that requires permits: 

  • Plumbing changes 

  • Electrical work 

  • Finishing a basement 

  • Installing a fireplace 

  • New construction on your property such as sheds 

  • New doors, windows, or skylights 

  • Installing a water heater 

  • Pool installation

  • Additions

  • Moving a sewer 

  • Removing trees 

  • Building a deck 

  • General repairs when materials and labor costs surpass $2500

When undertaking any work in your Atlanta house, it’s important to talk to your contractor regarding permits. You can also contact the Office of Planning & Community Development to learn about the permit process, or visit the Atlanta Permitting Process Overview webpage, which gives more information, including permit costs.

Selling your house with unpermitted work done in Atlanta 

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