Remodeling projects that require a permit in Atlanta

Remodeling projects that require a permit in Atlanta

Remodeling your home can be an excellent way to increase the value of your property or add some needed updates to an older home before selling it. Any homeowner that intends to take on a large remodeling project should prepare to obtain the necessary permits as required by their local government.

However, not every home renovation project requires a permit, so we put together a handy guide to help you determine which projects do.

What is a building permit?

A building permit is a document that signifies that a homeowner is legally allowed to perform construction on their property. The point of issuing permits is to make sure that any proposed projects adhere to local standards for zoning and land use. In many ways, a building permit is like a driving license. You don’t need a license to drive a car, and you can probably drive quite well without one. Still, obtaining a license is required by law to make sure you understand and will follow the rules of the road.

Likewise, homeowners are required to obtain a permit to ensure the safety of occupants and all parties involved in the construction project.

Projects that require a permit in Atlanta

  • Electrical and plumbing work
  • New construction
  • Structural changes
  • Additions

Some general repairs also require a permit if the total cost of materials and labor exceed $2500. Before beginning any remodeling project, be sure to ask your contractor about permit requirements or reach out to the Office of Planning & Community Development.

Where to Go for Atlanta Building Permit

If you need a building permit in Atlanta you need to go to the Atlanta City Hall. Depending on how much your building, you’ll probably have to start with the Office of Planning. Be sure to fill out an application and bring drawings of what you plan on building. More information can be found here.

What can happen if you don’t get a permit?

If you ignore the requirement to obtain a permit, it’s possible that your finished project won’t comply with all building and safety codes. This could be a safety hazard for anyone living in the house and lead to property damage if the work is not done properly. If it’s discovered by the city that work was not done up to code, you could be required to pay a hefty fine.

Having work down without a permit can also make it much harder for you to sell your home in the future. Most of the time, your home must undergo a thorough inspection before it can be purchased. If the inspector finds out that you’ve had work done without a permit, they’ll inform the buyers who may then back out of the deal or ask for a reduction in price.

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