Atlanta housing code violations

Atlanta housing code violations

man checking for housing code violations

What are housing code violations?

Are you selling your house, but you’re worried about code compliance? Housing codes are rules set by the government to ensure safety for both the homeowner and the community. A code violation occurs when your property doesn't meet the set guidelines for how buildings should be maintained. There can be various reasons why a property might not meet these rules, and it is especially common for older houses to have code violations. If you have housing code violations, selling can be quite challenging, as finding a buyer becomes a lot tougher when your property isn’t up to code. Because of that, it’s important to know the common code violations in Atlanta and what you can do when you want to sell a house with code violations. 

Common housing code violations in Atlanta 

When you're gearing up to sell your Atlanta house, it's essential to understand some of the issues that can occur. Here are some common housing code violations, as stated by the Office of Code Enforcement in Atlanta and the Atlanta Police Department: 

  • Decayed/damaged, leaking roofs 

  • Holes in flooring 

  • Broken window glass 

  • Flaking/peeling paint 

  • Rodent infestation 

  • Overgrown, vacant lots 

  • Junk vehicles 

  • Graffiti 

  • Electrical hazards 

  • Vacant structures 

  • Dilapidated buildings

Do you need to fix code violations to sell your house? 

While it's possible to sell a house with code violations, addressing these issues can offer some advantages. It can make your property more appealing to potential buyers, and it could also raise your home value. Also, keep in mind that housing code violations can complicate your home sale if your buyer needs financing, as most mortgage lenders won’t approve a loan for a house with significant code violations. If you plan on addressing housing code violations before you sell, you should do it as soon as you can. 

Can code violations reduce your buyer pool? 

It’s crucial to know how code violations can impact potential buyers. Most buyers don't want the hassle of fixing up a purchased property. According to the National Association of Realtors®, almost half of all home buyers in 2023 have avoided buying homes that need major work. If buyers include a home inspection contingency, they can walk away from a sale upon discovery of any housing code violations. Additionally, they may be forced to walk away from the sale if code violations make it too difficult for them to secure financing or afford insurance. 

Options to consider when selling a house with code violations 

When you're selling a house with code violations, you've got three main options:

Get your house up to code: If you'd really like to get as much value as you can out of your home sale, bring your home up to code by fixing code violations. Fixing code violations could cost you anywhere from under a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the repairs that you need to make. Keep in mind that you may need to get permits from the city to make any major repairs. 

Offer incentives: You could offer buyer credit or lower the price. This is a popular choice for home sellers. In 2022, 20% of sellers offered financial incentives to entice home buyers, according to the National Association of Realtors®.  

Sell to a cash home buyer: Cash home buyers are often more inclined to purchase properties in less-than-perfect condition. While their offers may be lower than market value to account for the cost of future repairs, the convenience and speed of the sale can be beneficial for many home sellers looking to offload a property burdened by code violations. 

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