Selling a house with termite damage in Atlanta

Selling a house with termite damage in Atlanta

Are termites common in Atlanta, GA?  

Termites are one of the most common household pests —they are found in almost every state (not including Alaska, it’s way too cold). In fact, termite damage happens to about 600,000 American homes a year. According to official termite infestation probability zoning guidelines, Georgia is one of the states that has the worst rate of termite infestations. Atlanta, with its humid climate and warmer temperatures, is a hot spot for termite swarms. You may want to ask yourself: what does termite damage look like? 

How to spot termite damage  

Termites are quiet, hungry intruders that never sleep. Signs of termites in your house are very hard to spot. To make matters worse, visible termite damage is often mistaken for water damage, and termites can be left untreated for weeks or months. During this time, that invisible invasion is quickly turning into an infestation, as they can lay up to tens of thousands of eggs a day. The most common signs of termites include: 

  • Termite droppings that look like wood shavings 

  • Tight door jambs or windows that stick 

  • Bubbling or peeling paint 

  • Flying termites 

  • Musty or moldy smells 

  • Exit holes and tunnel-like structures 

  • Swelling floors, ceilings, or walls 

  • Soft or hollow-sounding wood, buckling wood 

To figure out what termite damage looks like in your house, pay attention to what you see, hear, and smell. The most common areas for termites to target are:  

  • The foundation, crawlspace, basement, and attic 

  • Drywall and insulation 

  • Wooden frames for windows and doors 

  • Floor and ceiling beams 

  • Crown molding and baseboards 

If there are any signs of termite damage, it is highly recommended to hire professional inspection and extermination services. Unfortunately, most insurance does not cover termite damage, so extermination and repairs will all be out-of-pocket. Inspections alone can cost hundreds of dollars. Extermination costs largely depend on the range and severity of the infestation and can easily climb into the thousands. Once the termites are gone, the house is ready to be repaired.  

How do you repair termite damage?  

Damages cost homeowners an average of $5 billion annually. Experts estimate that in Georgia alone, residents spend $200 and $300 million a year to control termites and repair termite damage. Sometimes, minor damage can be fixed at home by replacing compromised wood or installing adjacent support structures. It is a good idea to replace any damaged wood, ideally with termite-resistant materials. Extensive damages could result in expensive repairs – replacing frames and drywall, restoring insulation in attics or crawlspaces, and complete renovations in places with heavy infestation spots can easily cost thousands of dollars. In severe cases where the home is structurally compromised, complete demolition is required.  

Having termites and needing to repair termite damage isn't an ideal situation when you're planning to sell a house. 

Can you sell a house with termite damage?  

While it is possible, selling a house with termite damage is like walking uphill both ways. For prospective sellers, the state of Georgia does not legally require disclosure statements. However, not disclosing this information is considered dishonest and you risk legal liability. On top of that, disclosing this information about the house makes it extremely difficult to attract potential lenders and buyers. If there is any interest, the termite damage can cause the value of your house to drop by as much as 20%.  

You would have to pay all this money to get rid of these little pests to even sell, and after everything you do to minimize selling costs, you could still get less for your house than deserved. It may be a better idea just to avoid the hassle altogether and sell your house quickly for cash. 

Free consultation in Atlanta 

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