How We Buy Ugly Houses® helped this retiree sell his historic house to the perfect buyer!

How We Buy Ugly Houses® helped this retiree sell his historic house to the perfect buyer!

Marty Rogus had lived in his childhood home for 60 years, but when he fell ill, he was no longer able to care for himself or the property.

As his medical bills piled up, Rogus knew that he needed to sell his house quickly. He also hoped to find just the right buyer for the house that had been in his family for generations.

He turned to his significant other, Sharon Borowski, for help. “He was so ill. I needed to sell the house fast, so I could focus on what really mattered,” she said.

Sharon’s friends had told her about their positive experiences with We Buy Ugly Houses®, so she decided to call the house-buying company.

Mike Tassone, a Chicago-based franchisee of We Buy Ugly Houses, immediately provided her with the assistance she needed to sell the home.

“It’s hard enough taking care of your loved ones when they’re sick. But selling their lifelong home on top of that – that makes it much more difficult,” said Tassone. “It was important that we make this as easy and quick as possible. One less thing off a very full plate.”

For Marty and Sharon, the We Buy Ugly Houses experience exceeded all their expectations. “Mike was so wonderful. He came to my home to talk about the house, instead of making me run around to meet him,” Sharon said. “Anything I asked him to do, he did it. He bent over backwards and then some.”

Thanks to We Buy Ugly Houses, the home sold quickly. “We are so happy we were able to help Sharon get the house sold for her and her better half,” Tassone said.

But even after the sale, taking care of the former owners was just as important. While the home was being renovated for the new owners, We Buy Ugly Houses gave Marty and Sharon the opportunity to be involved in the process.

That way, they could enjoy the peace of mind that came from knowing that their cherished home was in good hands.

“I would absolutely recommend [them] to anyone that find themselves in a similar situation to me,” Sharon said. “I had a great experience and was very happy with the outcome.”

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