Quirkiest US Neighborhoods and Cities

Posted on April 28, 2014 | Back to blog

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America is known as the land of the free and the home of the brave, but I think American’s today have taken that saying to new found heights.  America is full of quirky US neighborhoods filled with brave folks leaving their homes in the strangest outfits.  But hey, who are we to judge?  These people live in the land of the free, and they’re free to do whatever strange thing they want to do.  So here are the top quirky cities with the strangest neighborhood folk!
5. Nashville

Believe it or not but Nashville, the music city, has landed on our list because over the years its citizens have embrace the quirky.  Though the city ranks high for safety, and is a lovely place to live the neighborhood of five points and you’ll start seeing a few quirky things.  One of the many attractions is a boutique shop that caters to hipsters and features a Pasty Cline’s era outfit.  If you get hungry you can also feat on hot dogs over at “I dream of Weenie.”
4. New York City

New York City only ranks at number 4 because that which is “weird” doesn’t even turn heads.  Everyone in New York City just expects to see something weird, so when they do come across something quirky they don’t give it a second thought. But if you’ve never been to the Big Apple you’re in for a treat.  Head over to Coney Island and you’re find mermaids.  Williamsburg is full of hipsters, and you’ll find more street performers wandering the city than just about anywhere else in the world.


3. Austin

Austin prides itself on being weird, and in fact their motto is “keep Austin weird.”  Once a year all the local college students, musicians, hipsters, tourists and anyone else in the area gather around a giant 60 ton structure of junk.  This giant structure was built in someone’s yard and is filled with old bikes, cribs, car parts and anything else he could get his hand on. Austin residents use this spot to hold an annual celebration of Eeyore’s Birthday…..yeah Eeyore from Winnie the Poo.  The celebration is something more like Woodstock than an actual birthday party.


2. Portland

Portland might not be weirder than Austin, but when you add it’s quirky way of life it just barely edges out Austin for the number 2 spot.  Portland’s motto is the city in which “the dream of the ‘90s is alive in Portland.”  Portland is the home of the unicycling, bagpiping, Darth Vader Santa.  You can also find a high concentration of 1800s looking mustaches, vegan restaurants and Voodoo doughnuts throughout the city.


1. New Orleans 

Coming in at number one is without a doubt the strangest city in the country; New Orleans.  The entire city revolves around Mardi Gras, a city wide party that is full of drunken dancing, costumes and debauchery.  The thing about New Orleans is Mardi Gras is only one of many strange things about this city.  The area is filled with folks who believe in Voodoo, a set of spiritual believes concerning the superstitions and zombies.  In fact many of the superstitions and traditions the country has adopted originated out of New Orleans.

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