Seller stories: How we helped a home seller avoid repairs.

Seller stories: How we helped a home seller avoid repairs.

white house in snow

We made it easy for Kim and her family to put the past behind.

When Kim Clymer’s parents moved into assisted living, they transferred ownership of their farmhouse, built in 1825, to her. A wonderful gift of a treasured place where Kim grew up, but it also came with the responsibilities of maintaining it, paying for repairs, taxes and all the other expenses.

Kim took it upon herself to clean out a lifetime of belongings from the cluttered house, barn and property on her weekends. But with more than an hour commute each way, it was incredibly time-consuming. She was missing out on some of the planning for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. Her friends began asking her, “Are we ever going to see you again?”

Ultimately, Kim came to the unavoidable conclusion to sell the house she grew up in and give another family the opportunity to enjoy it as hers did.

white garage building

A tough decision, an easy transaction.

Kim contacted Aaron K., a local Boston We Buy Ugly Houses® representative; he was fascinated by the farmhouse and the family stories that took place there.

Aaron found that the house needed extensive work. Kim would have had to spend at least $40,000 for the new septic system required by state law before she could sell it. There was significant structural and termite damage, and the wiring, original to the house, would also have to be addressed.

Aaron made her a fair offer, which Kim gladly accepted. Aaron and his crew made the repairs and handled all the contents that Kim didn’t want from the farmhouse and barn. She not only gained the proceeds of the sale, she also got her life back.

restored kitchen and dinning

Restoring a historic farmhouse and peace of mind.

Once the renovations were complete, Aaron invited Kim to come see the restored house. She was pleased to find he maintained the farmhouse’s charm and character that she loved, even while it was completely updated. Kim could move on with her less complicated life, knowing that the farmhouse would be a wonderful place to live for generations to come.

white house and barn
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