Seller stories: Helping a homeowner sell inherited property.

Seller stories: Helping a homeowner sell inherited property.

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A listening ear helps a family move on.

Angela’s mother made a request before she passed. She wanted Angela’s brother, Josh, to live in her house. Angela and her other brother Jason agreed.

It seemed like a good idea; the house was full of so many memories, the siblings wanted to keep it in the family. Angela said, “When we first moved into that house, I was a little girl and it looked like a castle to me. I thought we were so rich and I loved it.”

A simple solution gets complicated.

But the memories of Angela’s mother turned out to be more powerful, and the loneliness more painful, than Josh anticipated. He moved, and the house remained empty as Angela, Jason and Josh considered what to do with it.

The memories weren’t the only thing that made the house hard to part with. It would be difficult to sell with all the repairs and maintenance that needed to be done. They thought about getting the work done themselves but knew that meant a lot of stress about financing, overseeing the work and agreeing on the myriad of decisions that would have to be made.

First, some tears. Then, peace of mind.

It was Josh who finally suggested selling the house to someone who would buy it “as is.” He was hesitant to mention it to Angela; he knew how much the house meant to her. And even harder was suggesting they consult with a property specialist from a company called We Buy Ugly Houses®! It almost felt like an insult to the house.

But then they met Valencia D., a We Buy Ugly Houses® property specialist in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Angela found Valencia to be sensitive to their feelings and situation and received an unexpected benefit: “It turned out to be a healing experience for me, and it was possible because of Valencia,” said Angela. Valencia listened to Angela’s stories and memories, told through a few tears, as she showed her the house. Angela was reassured and comforted; she and her brothers felt at ease and never rushed.

Welcome relief from their tough situation

When they agreed to sell to Valencia, she was there for them through the entire process and gave them plenty of time to gather sentimental belongings. Valencia took care of everything else that they didn’t want to keep—a big relief to Angela and her brothers. Angela loves how the house was given new life as a place where another family can make their memories.

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