Buying A New Home? Buyer Be Ware

Posted on April 16, 2014 | Back to blog

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Yes, there is nothing like building a new home. But there are cons you have to consider


Our society loves new.

Give us the chance to get something shiny and we get twitter patted.

In some instances, people might ruin their shorts over the idea of a new car or home.

You’re not good enough unless you build and get a brand-spanking new house.

It’s nice in thought, but there are pros and cons to that proposition.

In most cases, the advantages of a new home overshadow the problems.

Instead of going into the decision blind, people should educate themselves and know as much as they can.

Game of Thrones

That’s another aspect of our society today is it doesn’t want to know for itself.

If someone says it, well, it has to be true.

If they read it on the Internet or on social media it’s Gospel.

That’s why one has to read as much as possible from both sides.

There is plenty out there on the good, but what about the bad?

Once you start the process, don’t buy the home.

You buy the builder.

Look at this way: You don’t buy a particular model but rather who you buy it from.

The great builders understand they have a reputation to prospect, construct homes that live up to the initial promises and remain available should problems arise.

Some companies out there will take your money, throw together a house that starts falling apart before you even move in and they stop returning your calls.

Once you get a builder you like, take it further to find out all you can.

  • Talk to other buyers in the development. If the development is run by a HOA, talk to the association members and the board of directors. If the development is brand new, as the NOLO story suggests, talk to owners in other developments by the same builder.
  • Talk to county planning or building department staff who deal with builders on a daily basis. NOLO suggests questions such as, “Does the builder complete projects on time?” That type of question is more likely to warrant a candid response.
  • Seek out real estate agents who have worked with the company. More than likely, they won’t have dealt with the newer homes but the ones on resale and will know the reputation of the developer.
  • For any business, one should look at the local Better Business Bureau. It’s a great place to find out the kind of reputation the developer has and what people think about it.
  • You can also look at other homeowners, via websites like or

Aside from the pros and the cons, does buying a new home leave you shaky ground?


In some instances, it can, but each case is different.

A lot depends on the development and the company you choose.

As with any decision, there are factors that sway you toward and away.

Some like the idea of a new home while others prefer the charm of older homes.

Whatever you decide to do, research it for yourself.

Learn as much as you can so you can make the best decision possible.

Do yourself the favor and take the time.

You’ll thank yourself in the end.


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