Margaret and Ann share their home selling experience

Margaret and Ann share their home selling experience

Sisters Margaret and Ann from Peabody sit down with We Buy Ugly Houses® Boston to discuss why they made the hard but necessary decision to sell their family home.

A We Buy Ugly Houses® review

In the above video, sisters Ann and Margaret of Peabody, Massachusetts provide a We Buy Ugly Houses® review and discuss their experience selling their house to us. In their case, they wanted to sell because their house had become too large for the retired sisters and was too much to take care of. They wanted to downsize in order to have a better quality of life.

Reasons to sell to We Buy Ugly Houses®

Although Ann and Margaret wanted to get out from under the responsibilities and expense of a large house, people sell to us for other reasons as well. Various reasons include relocation, financial problems, an unwanted inherited house, or as a way of getting fast cash, among a multitude of other scenarios.

Ann and Margaret had a very satisfactory experience selling to We Buy Ugly Houses®.

The sisters agree that their experience selling to us was “wonderful and wasn’t stressful at all.” Their friendly property specialist explained our streamlined process, then walked them through the sale step by step. The procedure was “seamless and very easy,” according to the sisters.

With decades of experience behind us, we’ve learned how to navigate around all sorts of house-selling problems. We can often even buy houses that are in foreclosure or probate. We also understand that each house and seller is unique, with their own circumstances, and we tailor the selling experience to reflect that.

We want people to walk away from their sale happy and satisfied, just like the Peabody sisters. That’s why we always put the seller before the transaction and provide excellent customer service. Our communication with the seller is clear and transparent, so our clients know exactly what to expect.

You can expect the same experience as Margaret and Ann when you sell to We Buy Ugly Houses®.

We make house selling easy.

We Buy Ugly Houses® specializes in buying houses fast and with the ultimate personalized customer service. We are one of the best companies that buy houses fast, and our clients attest to that in their amazing reviews. We have a whopping 95%* satisfaction rate and have been in business since 1996.

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