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We buy houses throughout the Boston area, including Brockton, Randolph, Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Essex, Middlesex, Nantucket, Norfolk, Plymouth, and Suffolk Counties and the surrounding communities.


If you're considering selling your house in Brockton, MA for cash, We Buy Ugly Houses® might be able to help. As America's #1 home buyer, we have a local team of home-buying franchisees who can provide you with a fair cash offer for your house. We buy houses in Brockton "as is," which means you don't have to make any repairs or renovations. Our straightforward and people-first approach has earned us the trust of more than 140,000 homeowners across the nation since 1996.

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If you're looking to sell your house quickly and easily in Randolph, MA, selling for cash could be a great option. We Buy Ugly Houses is a trusted national network of independently owned and operated home-buying franchises that can help you sell your house fast, "as is." Our local cash home buyers in Randolph are dedicated to helping homeowners in tough situations sell their houses hassle-free. With our straightforward, people-first approach, we've earned our reputation as America's #1 home buyer.

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Charlestown is located near downtown and is quite historic in feel and architecture. Being Boston’s oldest neighborhood, it has been redeveloped and changed many times over the past 200 years.

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Chelsea is rather infamous for the city going bankrupt in 1991. The city has been trying to fix its reputation since then and is located roughly 4 miles from downtown Boston.

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Newburyport is located nearly 50 minutes outside of downtown Boston. There is a building boom going on, with a lot of housing construction going on in the past few years. 

The area is packed with restaurants and shops on the Merrimack, there are several festivals and events every year, notably Plumfest.

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East Boston

A great waterfront area, once known for shipbuilding, East Boston has been reinvented in an ongoing real estate renaissance. The area has become very popular with young professionals due to its relative affordability and a lot of new real estate development.

It’s separated from downtown by the harbor and surrounded by Winthrop, Revere, and Chelsea Creek. The area has always been a home to immigrants and has changed over the years from Irish & Italian to mostly Latino immigrants.

The area is stocked with duplexes and townhouses. The area is less of a hidden gem than it used to be, but it still has a lot of room for redevelopment and price increases in the future.

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One of Boston’s many ‘sister cities,’ Cambridge was named after the University of Cambridge in England. The city boasts a sizable population quickly approaching 110,000. Income levels in Cambridge sit just above the state average, with the median household earning just under $70K annually. 

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This large Norfolk County town is imbued with U.S. history, including bragging rights as the birthplace of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, and the legendary statesman, John Hancock. Its moderately large population of nearly 93,000 contributes greatly to the bustle of neighboring Boston. Quincy’s household income statistics match up closely with the state average, as do the home values, although prices in Quincy are slightly higher. Houses in Quincy remain popular properties, as the residences dotting the suburban landscape offer appeal with cozy New England charm.

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Just 10 miles from downtown Boston, Lynn is slightly smaller than Quincy. Originally thriving as an old industrial center, Lynn suffered several devastating fires in the 1970s and 1980s. As the city was restored, it largely became a collegiate locale for North Shore Community College. Household income levels and home values are statistically lower than the state averages, and renters enjoy a lower-than-usual monthly payment. Lynn remains a scenic harbor community, attracting many student residents and Bostonian commuters who prefer a suburban homestead.

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This beautiful New England town lies only seven miles from Boston but doesn’t actually have its own city center. Rather, it is a composition of 13 small villages. Newton, MA is the 11th largest city in the state with a population of about 85,000. Safe, quiet neighborhoods, good schools, and a short commute to downtown Boston make Newton a desirable location for its residents. Household income and home value averages are significantly higher than state averages, sitting at $108K and $685K respectively. 

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While Somerville has a lower population than many of Boston’s surrounding areas (about 75,000), it is also the most densely populated city in New England, not to mention the 17th most densely populated city in the United States. No stranger to accolades, Somerville received the All-America City Award in 2009, and The Boston Globe called Somerville one of the best-managed cities in the country. The steadily rising population, incomes, and housing values over the past 25 years have been largely attributed to the arrival of Boston’s red line subway tracks throughout the city in 1985.

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Perhaps best known for being the home of Tufts University, Medford lies only five miles outside of downtown Boston, yet features a population of only 56,000. With much of Boston’s societal and economic influence spilling over into Medford, most non-natives are likely to overlook its sovereignty from the metropolis. Housing and income stats in Medford are quite close to that of the state on the whole. As for historical charm, one need look no further than Medford if seeking out the tiny tavern where the legendary Christmas carol ‘Jingle Bells’ was first penned.

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Bordering the cities of Boston and Newton, the town of Brookline, MA was independently incorporated in 1705. With strong household income stats and housing values nearly double the state average, Brookline has attained prestige as one of the finer locales in which to take up residence near the Boston area. Many might consider Brookline one large verdant garden, segmented only slightly with the necessary urban features. The breathtaking landscape is the pride of the town.

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Malden has a population moderately lower than surrounding cities. Malden enjoys a lower-than-average crime rate and steadily declining jobless rates. Typical housing prices very closely match up with state averages, with only a few thousand dollars' difference. It might not seem very scary, but horror novelist Stephen King might think so; he has mentioned Malden, MA in his works several times.

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Lexington is 11 miles from Boston and is one of the most historic districts in the U.S. In this area, the American Revolution began in 1775. The Hancock-Clarke house still stands today after being built in 1737 and is the location where John Hancock and Samuel Adams were sleeping when Paul Revere rode in with his famous line about the arrival of the British. In addition, other wartime meeting buildings still stand today. Living in Lexington also provides access to some of the best schools in Massachusetts.

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  • Allston
  • Back Bay
  • Brighton
  • Downtown Boston
  • Hyde Park
  • South Dorchester
  • Bay Village

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