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“I’m selling my home in Boston, but I don’t want to wait forever. Who will buy it fast?” is a very common question and situation. 

Over 140,000 homeowners have turned to us to solve this dilemma. We’re cash home buyers in the greater Boston area. If you need to sell your Boston house fast and for cash, we are ready to buy. Our team is committed to providing solutions for "ugly" situations and helping people like you. We can buy houses in almost any condition, so there’s no need to worry about cleaning or repairs. 

We’ve been buying houses for cash in Boston since 1996. Connect with us today to schedule a visit with a local, independently owned and operated franchisee from the Boston We Buy Ugly Houses® team. We make it easy to sell your house in Boston.

How do I sell my house for cash in Boston?

Most Boston residents are proud of the town’s long history and its central place in the story of American independence. For a lot of people, though, the present can be difficult. Various reasons, from high home prices to divorce to mounting repairs, are pushing Bostonians to need to sell their houses fast.

“Who will buy my house in Boston with a quick turnaround?” If this is a question you've asked yourself, then the local Boston We Buy Ugly Houses® people are here to help. We understand how hard it is to be tied to a house you can’t afford. That’s why we can buy your house fast, for cash. The whole process is quick and easy—no stress, no pressure, no catches. Get a cash offer on your house in Boston today! 

We’re committed to helping people like you by making fair, all-cash offers that can get you peace of mind. Just connect with us to get started. Before you know it, that ugly situation will be history and you’ll have moved on to a better future.

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Here's how it works.

Arrange a visit to your house. When you reach out to us, you can schedule a free, no-obligation visit from one of our local franchisees. We’ll evaluate your home, giving you our full attention and helping you through every step of the process.

Get a fair, all-cash offer for your house. No hassle. No banks. No back-and-forth. Just cash in your pocket, often in as little as 3 weeks.

Move on. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay to sell your house. So we’ll pay the typical closing costs, and we won't charge commissions. Then you’ll be ready to move on, with cash in hand. 

The best part about moving forward with your new life is that you can do so with something you can’t put a price tag on: peace of mind.

Why do I need to sell my house fast?

Everyone needing a quick house sale in Boston has a different story. But we often see reasons such as: 

    • High repair costs. If your house needs repairs, you might find that you can’t afford to make the necessary fixes. And if you live in a neighborhood with high taxes, that only makes the situation worse. It’s a tough situation, but we can help you get out of it and move on. 
    • Divorce. A divorce is challenging in more ways than one. It’s emotionally painful, of course, but it can also be difficult logistically. You have to split assets, which means if there is a house, one partner has to buy the other out. It’s much easier and less painful to sell the house quickly for cash that can be split evenly. 
    • An inherited house. In a city like Boston, where families stay for generations, it isn’t unusual to inherit a house from a relative. But if you already have a home, or want to be one of the many Bostonians who rent, or want to stop paying taxes on it, selling might be your best bet. With our help, you can get a fair offer for your inherited house in no time.

Whatever your reason, you want to sell your house quickly, with no muss and no fuss. Luckily, that’s our specialty.

Can I sell my house "as is" in Boston?

One of the most frustrating things about selling a house is all the work you have to do to make it ready to sell. In a traditional sale, you have to spend time and money cleaning and making any needed repairs—all for a house you won't be living in. 

We don’t think that’s how things should be. And that’s why we can buy your house “as is.” 

What does that mean? It means: 

    • No repair work. We don’t care if there’s a leaky roof or an uneven basement. We’ll buy it as it stands. 
    • No sprucing up. We don’t want you to stress about putting a new coat of paint on a house you need to leave. So, with us, that’s one thing you don’t need to think about. 
    • No cleaning. “As is” means we can buy your home in nearly any condition. There’s no need to worry about cleaning anything, and you can even leave behind unwanted items. We'll take care of them for you.
    • No banks. When you go through banks, you could wait a long time for approval. But we understand that you want to get out of your ugly situation as quickly as possible. That’s why we can make a fair cash offer on the spot without banks getting involved.
    • No problems. Our process is simple and hassle-free. No need for open houses, long waits, or worrying about getting approval. 

At We Buy Ugly Houses®, we buy homes in Boston for cash. We’re fast, we’re honest, and we’re on your side. We don’t even take a commission. We can make you a fair, all-cash offer with no pressure.

Things go right when you go with #1℠.

You’ve received a fair cash offer in a short amount of time. But there’s something else we can also give you: peace of mind. 

That’s what we provide to people like you looking to sell their Boston houses. We know how hard it is to have the weight of house payments you can’t afford holding you down. We’re glad to have an easy system because we’re on your side. 

Learn more about us, and if you feel it’s the right thing to do, fill out a form or give us a call. Let’s get you onto the next chapter of your life. We think the future looks bright. 

If you need to sell a house fast, We Buy Ugly Houses® is ready to buy. Check out our FAQ page for answers to any questions you might have, then connect with us to request a free, no-obligation consultation. Have any other questions? Please give us a call at 866-200-6475

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At We Buy Ugly Houses®, we give fair, fast cash offers fast. We know that trust is important when selling your house fast for cash. 

That’s why we don’t charge commissions, and we pay typical closing costs. Dozens of homeowners in Beantown have sold their houses to us. 

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