How to sell your Boston house without using a Realtor®

What is the best option for selling your house without the help of a real estate agent?

How to sell your Boston house without using a Realtor®

What is the best option for selling your house without the help of a real estate agent?

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The housing market in Boston

Boston area house values and sales have been dropping, mostly due to record high interest rates for 30-year fixed rate mortgages. In 2020/2021, interest rates were below 3%, but since then have climbed and are currently at 6.65%. 

“The median-priced single-family home in Boston sold for $707,250 last month, a 2.4 percent decline from the same time last year, and overall home sales in January were at their lowest point since 2009, dropping 33 percent from 2022,” according to the finance company Freddie Mac. 

Due to the high interest rates, people aren’t buying because it’s just too expensive. If you want to sell now, it could be tough. In order to lure buyers, you may have to drop the price of your house. To recoup at least some of the money you’ll lose from the declined value of your house, you could sell your house without a Realtor® and avoid having to pay a Realtor® commission, which is generally 6%. 

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How to sell your house without a Realtor®

When you sell your house FSBO (for sale by owner), you’ll follow the same steps that you would if you were selling with the services of a Realtor®, except all of the work will be solely on you.  

Selling the traditional way, your real estate agent takes care of your marketing, showings, negotiations, and closing, and can provide you with support and professional advice due to their experience and training.  

In order to become a licensed real estate agent in Massachusetts, a person must complete 40 hours of training and pass a licensing examination. When selling a house without a Realtor® in Boston FSBO, you will need to research and learn all the ins and outs of selling your house on your own. 


Selling FSBO can cost you money.

Although you won’t have to pay real estate agent commissions if you sell FSBO, selling a house without a Realtor® this way means you will still have to pay other expenses in order to sell your Boston house. Expenses will include having an appraisal and inspection. An inspection may detect problems that you didn’t realize existed. Selling your house with a defect such as a faulty foundation could result in being sued by your buyer after the sale. 

Professional photographs are needed to market your house. According to Houzeo, “Photos help with offer prices—homes with high-quality photos receive 44% higher asking prices per square foot…Hiring a real estate photographer in Boston, MA can cost you between $150–$400 depending on the size and area of your property.” 

In order to sell in this difficult housing market, your house should shine. Everything should be freshly painted, walls and floors in good shape, sparkling sinks and appliances, pretty curb appeal, etc. All this requires spending money. 

An alternative to FSBO

If you’re wondering how to sell your house without a Realtor®, you have another option. You can avoid all the hassles and money of selling FSBO in Boston by selling to a legitimate investor. We Buy Ugly Houses® is America’s #1 cash home buyer, with a proven track record and a solid reputation. In fact, we have a 95%* approval rating from our clients.  

When you sell to us, you don’t have to pay for photographs, marketing, or Realtor® commissions, and you don’t have to make any repairs and updates to your house. We buy houses “as is.” You don’t even have to clean your property. We make the selling process easy and fast, and we’ll walk you through each step along the way. 

We Buy Ugly Houses® is customer forward and supportive.

We Buy Ugly Houses makes selling a house without a Realtor® a pleasant process. We put our clients first with our personalized service and listen to each seller’s needs. Call us to set up a free, no-pressure, no-obligation appointment with one of our local property specialists, and we’ll meet you at your house whenever is convenient to you. While there, we’ll take a tour of your property and answer all your questions. 

Often, we can give you a fair cash offer on the spot. If you accept our offer, we frequently close in as little as 3 weeks. Call us today at 866-200-6475 to get started selling your house without a Realtor® and avoid those hefty commissions. We also buy houses in Brockton, Randolph, Charlestown, and the surrounding Boston area. 


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