I Heal People and I Heal Houses

I Heal People and I Heal Houses

At 30, Stephen Bowen, a car salesman in Falmouth, MA with no college experience, found himself as a single dad raising two children on his own. With only his children’s needs in mind, he decided to begin his journey to an education – one that took 10 years. From EMT school, to becoming a Registered Nurse, to graduating as a Nurse Practitioner, Steve dedicated himself to a life of helping others in order to take care of his children.


In the midst of his nursing career, Steve began to invest in a few houses as a side-hobby, allowing him to save up more money for his children’s futures. However, this hobby became his career when he met Mike Falotico, a partner at a medical equipment company who also had a background in home investing. Together, they opened a We Buy Ugly Houses® franchise in Boston and set out to alleviate the stress of homeowners dealing with situations like inherited homes, foreclosure, unmanageable home repairs, divorce, or health issues. Their franchise is now #4 in the country, even while Steve continues to juggle a nursing career. As Steve likes to say, “I heal people and I heal houses.”

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