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Selling different types of property in Boston

Do you know the different types of real estate? Sometimes you’re not selling a house. Real estate transactions also include home sales and sales of other types of property. It is important to consider what type of property you have when you start the selling process in Boston. Types of property include: Residential: When […]

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How to downsize your home in Boston

Downsizing your house? Consider selling “as is.”  Thinking about downsizing? Downsizing your home can be a liberating and practical decision, especially as you’re nearing retirement. When you're considering how to downsize your home, selling your house "as is" can be a great option. Selling “as is” means no repairs or renovations are needed beforehand. […]

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Can you sell a house “as is” without an inspection in Boston?

What is a home inspection? When selling a house in Boston, there’s a lot to consider. It’s important to understand exactly what an inspection is and why most home sales include a house inspection as part of the process. An inspection is required by the mortgage company for the potential buyer of the house. […]

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