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The Secret To Selling Your House Fast in Milwaukee

Selling your house can be exhausting. Keeping everything in order, being available for showings or meetings with real estate agents, and clearing your busy schedule to accommodate the demands can wear you out. Some Milwaukee residents find themselves in a position where they have to sell their house fast. If you have to sell a […]

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The Best Real Estate Blogs in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is warming up, and so is our real estate season. A survey by Nationwide Insurance late last year ranked the metro Milwaukee housing market the third healthiest in the nation. Prices are rising at a slow but steady pace, meaning homeowners are able to get a return on their investment but the market still […]

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8 Free Spring Activities to do in Milwaukee

Summer is right around the corner and school will be out before too long. Let the this spring motivate you and your family to explore any of the many free events around Milwaukee. Get on out and experience jazz in the park, explore a Victorian farmstead, or go an invigorating nature hike. These are just […]

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How Gentrification is Affecting Housing Prices in Milwaukee

The word gentrification stairs up variety responses in all groups of people. This is especially the case in the main cities with neighborhoods that have had dramatic rehabilitation. Renewal is certainly always a positive thing, and yet it can have its consequences. So what exactly is gentrification and in Milwaukee, should we be concerned or […]

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Are Homes in Milwaukee Worth Less Than Before the Housing Market Crash? – Organic Blog

Are Milwaukee Homes Worth Less Than Before the Housing Market Crash? After another brutal Wisconsin winter, we’ve made it to the official start of summertime in Milwaukee. It’s time to head to Miller Park to watch the first place brew-crew crush it, and to crush some brews and bust some grooves at Summerfest! And, on […]

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What Happens to a Condemned House in Milwaukee? – Organic Blog

A house in is condemned once the City of Milwaukee has determined that it is no longer fit to live in. Unsafe housing code violations are the most common cause of condemnation. You will also learn about selling an abandoned house in Milwaukee to We buy ugly houses. Until the owner can prove that all […]

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Your Rights During a Foreclosure in Wisconsin

Wisconsin requires foreclosures on mortgages to be conducted judicially through the courts. Depending on whether or not a borrower invokes his or her rights, the process can take as short as four months, or it can take more than a year. The actual process to foreclose on a residential mortgage in Wisconsin is fairly straightforward. […]

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How to fight a property tax increase in Milwaukee

Paying taxes can be a stressful event. This is especially true if the tax amount in question is significantly higher than expected. Property taxes in Wisconsin are usually determined by multiplying the assessed value of a home by the property tax percentage with a certain minimum amount. Most increases in property tax amounts are due […]

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Most Popular House Styles in Milwaukee

With any major purchase, you always want something stylish, right? Well when you start looking for a home in Milwaukee, you’re going to have to take style into consideration. While there are a variety of house styles in the Milwaukee metro area, here are a few of the most popular. Photo Credit The Bungalow Many […]

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What you should know before moving to Milwaukee

Depending on where you’re from (and what your weather preferences are), moving to Milwaukee can feel like either a blessing or a curse. Thanks to the rise in things like farm-to-table dining and… Moving to the Midwest feels, well, less like moving to the Midwest. If you’re thinking of packing up and putting down roots […]

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