We work with wholesalers!

We work with wholesalers!

Real estate leads don’t just show up. Leads don’t just appear out of thin air.  We spend a tremendous amount of energy finding good leads, large amounts of money to get the phone ringing, and walk a lot of miles knocking on doors! We test every marketing campaign method possible to find leads and for every one deal we get from a lead, countless more leads never actually turn into a deal. So we need wholesalers on our team, and we’re more then willing to go out of our way to buy from good wholesalers!

Skills of a wholesaler

Wholesalers need a lot of skills to find good deals. They need to be able to find and pull good comps, run the numbers to find the after repair value and repair estimates, negotiate a deal low enough that the end investor can make a good profit as well as leave enough room within the price that the wholesaler can make a profit, too. Getting all of this setup can take a lot of time, energy, and skill. We understand this and that’s why we’re more then willing to work with Wholesalers and pay wholesale assignment fees.

Selling the deal

Now that a wholesaler has worked their tail off to find that deal, they need to start getting in touch with us.  It’s often said that a wholesaler needs to develop a buyers list before they look for a deal. We say that’s rubbish because if you have a good deal we’ll buy up every single one of them!  Most wholesalers will tell you that they have four to five buyers and they sell 95% of their deals to just those few investors. The other 5% they do a little bit of marketing and they sell the deal. But if you can get the deal under seller financing, or get the the deal looked at by a hard money lender then you can market the deal as “financing available.” If you can hand over a property, and with it handover the money needed to do the deal then you’re going to find a buyer.

Win/win and money for all

There is an old saying that if you can’t sell your wholesale deal then you don’t actually have a deal. You might not have negotiated your price down far enough, or you underestimated the repairs needed to get the property up to sell quality. If you’re careful and do your due diligence in getting the deal ready for an investor then you have nothing to worry about. So if you get the deal done remember to leave some room for your profit, and if you’re afraid to leave room for your profit because you think the investor will be mad, then you don’t want to work with that investor. We understand that it’s good for you to make money, if we can make money!