What are the different types of property in Atlanta, and what should you consider when selling them?

What are the different types of property in Atlanta, and what should you consider when selling them?

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When selling real estate in Atlanta, how you approach the sale depends on the types of property you want to sell. Basically, the different types of real estate in Atlanta are:

  • Residential real estate. This includes single-family houses, vacation homes, townhouses, cabin retreats, apartments or apartment buildings, and condos. 

  • Commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is zoned for business use in Atlanta and is used for all sorts of business endeavors, such as office space, entertainment businesses, hotels, and retail shops.  

Selling different types of real estate calls for different approaches.

Target audiences vary according to property type when selling real estate in Atlanta.

Single-family homes are highly prized by many people due to their privacy and space. Standalone dwellings are great for families. Townhouses and condos are valued by people who want a low-maintenance way of life and shared amenities with other residents. Market toward the proper audience. 

The target market for apartment buildings, duplexes, or other rental buildings would be people who want to make a solid real estate investment. Folks who buy commercial buildings either wish to rent the space out or are looking for a place to house their own businesses.


Different types of property in Atlanta have similar selling challenges. 

Regardless of what property type you’re selling, you’re in store for a lot of work and preparations for the selling process. That will likely include getting the building repaired, painted, and prepared for market, showing it to potential buyers by appointment or open houses, marketing it to the correct audience, staging it if possible, negotiating and hiring a good real estate agent. 

Depending on the type of real estate you’re selling, you may also have to abide by local and state zoning restrictions and various city, state, and federal regulations. Condos and townhouses may have HOA disputes, and apartment buildings and duplexes may be complicated by tenancy problems.

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