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How gentrification is affecting housing prices in Atlanta

Gentrification is the process of improving an area so it’s more fitting for the upper and middle classes. Atlanta has been revitalizing their communities since the 1996 Olympics and hasn’t stopped yet. On paper, gentrification sounds like a great thing, who doesn’t want a vibrant, modern, remolded community? Even with those perks gentrification in Atlanta […]

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Top employers in Atlanta and their effects on real estate.

Aside from things like interest rates and demographics, national and state economies ultimately have one of greatest impacts on real estate. Since economies are intrinsically linked to employment, we figured it would be interesting to analyze the top employers in Atlanta and the effect that these businesses have on property values in the real estate market. […]

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What happens to a condemned house in Atlanta?

Having your house condemned is something that most people would like to avoid, but sometimes it can’t be helped. However, it’s still a good idea to be well informed about the condemnation process. In this post we explore the reasons why a house might be condemned, and what you can do about it. Why might […]

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