Atlanta Blog | September 2017

The 4 Best Bars in Atlanta to Watch Football

It’s football time again in Atlanta, and that means one thing – its time to start rooting for the Falcons. It’s great to watch games at home, but in a town like Atlanta, where football is more than mere sport, heading out to watch the game is an experience that can’t be beat. There are […]

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Top Employers in Atlanta and Their Effects on Real Estate

Aside from things like interest rates and demographics, national and state economies ultimately have one of greatest impacts on real estate. Since economies are intrinsically linked to employment, we figured it would be interesting to analyze the top employers in Atlanta and the effect that these businesses have on property values in the real estate market. […]

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4 Tips to Deal with an Abandoned House in Atlanta

Vacant houses can attract crime, create health hazards, and hurt your property value. Left abandoned too long, these unpleasant eyesores can suffer broken windows, holes in the roof, rodent infestations, graffiti, and worse. If there is a derelict house in your Atlanta neighborhood, you need to know your rights so you can take action. What […]

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