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Housing Scams In Houston

“Cash for houses” scams and other forms of property fraud  Have you or someone you know fallen for a “cash for houses” scam in Houston?   Property fraud in Houston involves fraudulent activity when buying, selling, leasing, and subleasing properties. These scams are becoming increasingly common and can cost a home seller thousands of […]

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Can you sell your house in Houston during a housing market downturn?

“The slump in Houston’s housing market shows no sign of abating. Single-family sales fell 29.9 percent in January ’23 compared to January ’22. This was the weakest January since ’19, a month in which the region had 200,000 fewer jobs and 350,000 fewer residents,” according to the Greater Houston Partnership, the largest Chamber of […]

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Will my house flood in Houston?

Insurance and flood damage in Houston The damage alone is hard to handle, but it’s nothing compared to the anguish of discovering that your homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover the flood.  We’ll explain which parts of Houston are more likely to flood, what you can do to lower your flood risk, and why getting […]

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