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Cash House-buying Scams In Boston

Beware of illegal roadside signs advertising cash house investors. You’ve seen those signs staked along the roadway and median strips, or tacked onto utility poles: “Cash for houses” or a variation thereof. Those are called “bandit signs,” and they are illegal in Boston. Erecting signs on public property is against the law and subject […]

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Why Are Cash Home Buyers Preferred?

Selling a house to a cash buyer is becoming increasingly commonplace and preferable. Have you been considering selling your house in the Boston area? Apart from selling it yourself or using a real estate agent, you have another choice: cash home buyers. Cash home buyers are growing in popularity, and there are good reasons […]

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4 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Home Sale

You’ve gone through the headache of keeping your house spotless for sporadic open houses. You’ve spent money updating your house to make it as valuable as possible. Now, you’ve gotten the offer that you’ve been waiting for. That means it’s all downhill from here, right? Not always. There are still a few things that can […]

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