How to sell your house fast in Minneapolis

How to sell your house fast in Minneapolis

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Is selling your house fast or a traditional sale better for you? 

Selling a house can be challenging under the best circumstances, and even more so if you want to sell your house quickly for one reason or another. Normally, you need to spend time, not to mention expense, on repairs and updates to get your house ready to put on the market. Once that’s finally done, there’s waiting for the right buyer to come along, all the while having to clear out for showings and open houses. Once you have a contract, there are appraisals, inspections, and buyer loan approvals, any one of which could make your sale be canceled completely.  

However, you do have some options for selling your house fast.  

When is the best time to sell a house fast? 

Life is unpredictable, and you may encounter various circumstances that make you want to sell your house fast in Minneapolis: 

  1. Relocation: If you've gotten a new job or are moving out of the Minneapolis area for another reason, a fast sale is often crucial to avoid the burden of owning two properties simultaneously.
  2. Financial hardship: Unexpected medical bills, divorce, or other financial challenges can put you in a position where selling your house quickly is the best option.
  3. Inherited property: If you've inherited a Minneapolis house, you may want to consider how to sell the house fast to avoid the responsibilities and expenses of maintenance and taxes. 

Deciding how and when to sell your house 

First, think about whether to sell your house with the assistance of a real estate agent, go the FSBO (for sale by owner) route, or consider selling your house “as is” to a cash buyer. Each approach has its pros and cons. 

Option 1: Working with a real estate agent 

Hiring a local real estate agent with expertise in the Minneapolis market is the traditional way to go. Real estate agents can help you set the right price, market your property effectively, and manage negotiations and paperwork. However, it may take time to find a buyer with this method, and you'll have to pay agent commissions and fees. Open houses and house showings can be a hassle that tests your patience. In addition, you may have to spend significant time and money on repairs and upgrades to get your house ready for the market. It is rare that someone can sell a house fast by this route.  

Option 2: An FSBO sale 

If you're looking to save on real estate agent commissions, selling your house FSBO is an option. You'll be in control of the process, but it requires you to spend more time and effort on it and to acquire knowledge of the market. Additionally, attracting buyers might be a challenge without professional help and being listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). And if an agent brings the person who buys your house, you’ll still have to pay the agent’s commission. Just like listing your house with an agent, you may have to spend time and money fixing up your house to make it more marketable.  

Option 3: Selling your house “as is” to a cash buyer 

If selling your house quickly is your top priority, a local Minneapolis cash buyer like We Buy Ugly Houses® may be your best option. We buy houses fast, sparing you the lengthy traditional selling process. Plus, you can sell your house “as is” for cash to buyers like us, meaning you don’t have to spend time and money on updates, repairs, and staging, and you don’t have to sit through open houses and showings. Since you sell direct, there are no real estate agents and you won’t have to pay any commissions. Cash buyers are investors who are looking to buy houses at a low price; they probably won’t give you as high an offer as you’d receive from other methods, but the savings in time and upfront costs might make this option well worth it.   

Option 4: Selling your house to an online iBuyer 

Online iBuyers are companies that purchase houses directly from sellers, often remotely through online platforms. While this option can be speedy, it might involve additional fees—some of which you may learn about at the last minute—and a more extensive inspection process compared to local cash buyers. The lack of personal interaction with their buyer might not be comfortable for all homeowners.  

We’re a local Minneapolis cash home buyer, and we buy houses fast.  

If you’re looking for how to sell your house fast, your Minneapolis We Buy Ugly Houses property specialists can be a good option. We live and work where you do, and our knowledge of the local market helps us make fair offers fast. Plus, it’s easy for us to meet with you and help you decide if selling your house “as is” for cash is right for you. We could make you an offer on our first visit. There’s no cost for our appointment, and you have no obligation to accept our offer, so you have nothing to lose if you want to sell your house fast to us. We charge no commissions or fees, and we even pay typical closing costs.  

Nationwide, we’ve purchased more than 140,000 houses, and our sellers have given us a 95%* customer satisfaction rating. We are America’s #1 home buyer and a trusted option for homeowners selling a house “as is” and hassle-free. We can close in as little as three weeks, and if there are contents in the house you don’t want to keep, just take what you want, and we’ll handle the rest.  

Consider your options for selling your Minneapolis house, and if you’d like to explore selling your house fast for cash to us, get in touch. We’ve been making the home-selling process easy and hassle-free for over 25 years. We’d be happy to help you.