How to get your real estate license in Colorado

How to get your real estate license in Colorado

If you’re looking to be your own boss with a flexible schedule and excellent earning potential, then a career as a real estate agent might be for you. Unlike most other states, Colorado is a “single license” state. This means that there are no distinct licenses for salespeople or brokers.

Here, as soon as you get your license as a real estate agent you’re also licensed as an associate broker. The Colorado license is all encompassing, allowing you to conduct real estate transactions of all types.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are the six steps you’ll have to take to obtain your real estate license in Colorado.

Step 1. Background check

Your first task will be to submit your fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for a state and national criminal history record check. You want to get going on this early because these checks can take several weeks to complete. It’s best to do this before you start taking your class but you can do it at any point before taking your examination.

Step 2. Choose a School

There are many accredited schools throughout the state for receiving the required 168 hours of Associate Brokers training. 168 hours is extremely high in comparison to many other states, but it’s a small price to pay for receiving such a broad type of license.

There are in-person and online training options. In Denver, Kaplan offers one of the most comprehensive training programs. Check them out:

Step 3. Take Your Classes

Next, it’s time to hit the books. You’ll be studying a lot of information that will only be necessary for passing the exam. The reality is, most of the information won’t be applicable in the real world, which is more about marketing, salesmanship, and the art of closing deals. Nevertheless, the only way to start closing those deals is to pass the exam. So study hard!

Step 4. Sit for the Exam

Once you have completed the 168 hours, you’ll receive a certificate from your school, qualifying you to sit for the exam. You’ll need to schedule your exam at There’s an exam fee of $90.

Step 5. Find a Broker

If you pass your exam, you’ll need to work under an employing broker for two years. Make sure to research as many brokers as possible to find the right fit and working environment. You want to find a brokerage that offers quality training and ideally, quality leads.

Step 6. Activate your License

When you find your brokerage, you can formally apply for your license. You’ll fill out a simple application, verified by your broker, and send this in with a check for $475 to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (your brokerage will walk you through all the details). After a week or two, your actual license card gets sent to your brokerage. Then, you’ll be able to start closing some deals!

A successful career as a real estate agent in Colorado is going to take determination and serious salesmanship. With the right attitude, however, you could be on the road to becoming the next real estate superstar!