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Are you looking for a cash home buyer in Denver? Then sell your house to us and leave behind all the stress and discomfort you feel when you think about your house.

It’s time to get back to the things you care about. We buy houses for cash in Denver to help homeowners put an end to ugly housing situations.

Unfortunately, the traditional real estate market is hard to navigate, and it’s simply not designed to accommodate every person who wants to sell their house.  

Typically, it takes time, effort, and money to sell a house. And not everyone can afford to use the traditional market to get the sale they need.

We recognized that some homeowners needed another option. So we decided to become cash home buyers who purchase Denver houses “as is.”

Our 3-step process has saved over 140,000 homeowners who wanted an easier way to sell while saving time and energy. Sell your house hassle-free to America’s #1 home buyer!

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How to sell a house for cash

Going through all the steps to sell a house in the traditional real estate market is the opposite of fast and easy.

Instead of handing out extra work to sellers who choose to work with us, we give them a stress-free experience and fast results.

Sell to We Buy Ugly Houses® Denver, and we can give you cash in hand fast. Sometimes we can close in as little as 3 weeks—or longer, if you need more time. We work with your schedule.

Trust our proven process. We’ve bought over 140,000 houses across the nation since 1996.

Homeowners trust us to get them out of ugly housing situations because we created a thoughtful process designed to deliver fast results no matter what condition a house is in.

It only takes 3 simple steps:

  1. Schedule a home visit with one of our local home buyers.
  2. Get a fair cash offer for your house.
  3. Close in as little as 3 weeks. Of course, we can give you more time if you need it.

A for sale sign posted in the yard of a house.

Now compare our way to the traditional way:

  1. Hire a real estate agent.
  2. Make upgrades to make the house show-ready.
  3. Pay to prepare professional photos of the house.
  4. Put the house on the market.
  5. Wait for offers.
  6. Get a home inspection.
  7. Review and negotiate offers (if you get any).
  8. You might have to make repairs demanded by the buyers.
  9. Watch out for closing complications.
  10. Hope your buyer honors their offer.

Think outside the box. Work with a home buyer who considers your situation and pays in cash.

Leave your stress behind.

Your fresh start begins now. Call one of our trusted local home buyers and tell them about your house. In as little as 3 weeks, you could be living without the stress your house adds to your life.

This isn’t just a business where we buy houses for cash in Denver, Colorado. We want to positively impact the homeowners we buy from and the communities they live in.

Every person who sells a house has a reason.

Whether you need to solve a financial problem, downsize your home, prepare for retirement, get rid of a nuisance property, or even divide assets after a divorce, we would be proud to help you achieve your goal.

Meet our local, independent home buyers face-to-face, and rest assured they can offer the solution you need.

Call 866-200-6475 to get started on a cash offer, or leave your phone number on our online form.

Call We Buy Ugly Houses® at 866-200-6475

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No easier way to sell your house in Denver, CO

Having been in the business this long, we value what really matters—our sellers. We Buy Ugly Houses® has been America’s #1 home buyer since 1996, and it’s all thanks to the more than 140,000 satisfied homeowners who have sold their houses to us.