Best community gardens in Denver

Best community gardens in Denver

Denver is known as a community filled with active people who love to stay in touch with nature and explore the great outdoors. As part of this continuing effort, the Denver metro area has seen the number of community gardens grow, no pun intended. The point of a community garden is to provide urban residents with a way to grow their own nutritious food and provide for their families. Many community gardens also focus on giving some of their extra resources to help feed the hungry. If you are interested in a community garden in Denver, no need to worry, there’s no shortage. These are some of the best ones that we found in the immediate local Denver area.

Baker Community Garden

Baker is a neighborhood that has recently seen an increase in population and a strong sense of community. This community garden reinforces that and is very welcoming to newcomers. More experienced gardeners are always willing to share their knowledge with people new to gardening. The community garden also offers a common area where gardeners can meet and share resources.

Mount St. Vincent Community Garden

This garden is located in the Berkeley neighborhood and focuses on sharing its produce with local children. It is located at the Mount St. Vincent Home. Even though they focus on child gardening, they also welcome the community to come and take advantage of any available plots.

Josephine Community Garden

This garden is located on Colfax and allows local high school students to give back to their community by volunteering their time to help maintain the garden. What makes this garden unique is that it is visible from the often-busy Colfax Street. One of the focuses of this community garden is to allow people temporarily passing through the area to use the garden space, including transient people.

Denver Botanic Gardens Community Garden

This community garden is located on the same grounds as the city’s largest botanical gardens. The garden is open to the community and also devotes plots to Denver’s non-profit restaurant, SAME Café that allows people to give what they can or work in exchange for a meal. There are also several educational opportunities at Denver’s Botanical Community Garden where first-timers can come out and learn from the pros.

Curtis Park Community Garden

This community garden is part of the efforts to reinstall a sense of community in the Five Points neighborhood. This area is historical and has homes built in the 1870s and is also home to the city’s oldest church. Anyone who lives in the surrounding area will be welcomed to this community garden that embraces its unique neighborhood and all of its residents.

Chances are that there is a community garden located near you in Denver. Due to their rising popularity, you might find that there isn’t much available land. If that’s the case, you can always start your own. Many of the gardens mentioned here offer resources on how to do so and encourage the practice to continue growing.

*Updated June 2020.