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Is Foundation Shifting Affecting Your Phoenix Home?

Is Foundation Shifting Affecting Your Phoenix Home?

The foundation of your home is incredibly important. It’s usually the first part of a home to be built, and it supports every other component involved in the building process. Naturally, ensuring that the finest craftsmanship is used to build a foundation is paramount. The concrete must be free of voids, the base compacted correctly, and even things like soil conditions and water tables need to be considered. Of course, even a perfectly laid foundation will experience some settling, but just how much is normal?

Settling or Shifting?

A small amount of settling in your home’s foundation is a natural occurrence. You might even see some tiny cracks in the foundation, which are also okay to some extent. By and large, the cause of settling is due to soil expansion. Sometimes settling can occur very rapidly due to an improperly prepared home site or inclement weather.

However, foundation issues begin to crop up when a home settles too much. Things get really bad when a foundation completely shifts out of place. In fact, some homeowners in Phoenix and the surrounding areas have been experiencing foundation issues due to Arizona’s natural geology. Rapid real estate development in Arizona has caused developers to seek out plots of land in areas with problematic soil in order to cut costs, leaving homeowners vulnerable to soil that swells and shrinks dramatically.

Costly Effects of Foundation Issues

With the foundation of your house being such a critical piece, any damage to it usually ends up being extremely expensive to remedy. In fact, there’s a good chance that what ends up tipping you off to foundation issues will actually be a problem you discover elsewhere in the house. Some of the signs of a foundation problem include:

  • Cracks in the walls
  • Doors and windows that are hard to open and close
  • Floor damage, especially in floors higher up in the house
  • Visible cracks in the foundation

Selling a Home with a Shifted Foundation

Selling a home with obvious foundation issues is usually difficult. Few buyers consider buying a home with a damaged foundation.

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