We Buy Ugly Houses in Mesa, AZ.

We Buy Ugly Houses®—America’s #1 home buyer

We Buy Ugly Houses in Mesa, AZ.

We Buy Ugly Houses®—America’s #1 home buyer

Fast house sales in Mesa, AZ

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Sell your house fast in Mesa, AZ.

Everyone has a reason for selling their house, positive or negative. The reason could be a new job offer that requires relocation to a different city, or it could be a messy divorce that requires assets to be split up. 

Whatever your reason for selling your house, it’s important to adequately prepare yourself as well as to understand the most effective strategies for selling fast. The goal is to sell your house in weeks, not months… or years. 

Here are a few of the ways that will help you ensure that your home is sold quickly and without hassle. 

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Find the best real estate agent in Mesa, AZ.

When the time comes to find an agent, too many people perform a few cursory online searches and whoever comes up first wins the job. 

Big mistake. 

Remember, your agent’s commission comes out of your pocket, so you don’t have to settle for average. Do your due diligence and read all of an agent’s reviews online. Then, if possible, contact previous clients and ask them what kind of marketing strategies the agent used to sell their home. Once you’ve got a solid base of information, it’s a good idea to conduct a one-on-one interview with the agent. Ask them for testimonials and the specific steps they will take to ensure your home is sold quickly. You don’t want a glorified listings poster who sits back and doesn’t do any groundwork for their clients. 

The right agent can be the deciding factor in how quickly your house sells, so work hard to find a good one. 

Make sure your house is clean. 

Before you let any prospective buyers have a look at your house, your first order of business should be making sure it’s in pristine condition. Vacuum, dust, and make sure to get rid of any unsightly pet hair that may have accumulated over the years. Imagine that you are the owner of a fine hotel—would your house pass a baseline inspection in its present state? How about the observant eyes of an important guest? Remember, buyers are looking for a place they will feel comfortable living and sleeping in, so don’t let any potential gross-out factors get in the way.

Another important reason to keep your house tidy is for picture-taking purposes. The photos you take of your home will be listed on hundreds of sites and viewed by a lot of people! Keep those piles of dirty laundry and clumps of pet fur out of sight and out of the buyer’s mind.

Sell your home to We Buy Ugly Houses® for cash.

Another way to sell your home fast in Mesa, AZ, involves working with your local We Buy Ugly Houses Phoenix franchise. We can pay cash for your house and we’ll even buy it "as is." No repairs or inspections are necessary. 

When we buy a house:

  • We pay cash 
  • We pay most, if not all standard closing costs 
  • We buy “as is” — no repairs, cleaning or repainting necessary 
  • We close fast 

Learn about We Buy Ugly Houses and see for yourself why we are America’s #1 home buyer! 

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Having been in the business this long, we value what really matters—our sellers. We Buy Ugly Houses® has been America’s #1 home buyer since 1996, and it’s all thanks to the more than 140,000 satisfied homeowners who have sold their houses to us.