We Buy Ugly Houses in Scottsdale, AZ.

We Buy Ugly Houses®—America’s #1 home buyer

We Buy Ugly Houses in Scottsdale, AZ.

We Buy Ugly Houses®—America’s #1 home buyer

We buy houses in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Sell your house fast in Scottsdale, AZ.

Need to sell your house fast? We can help. 

There is a wide range of time that it takes for a house to sell. It can take as little as seven days, seven months, or even longer. There are a lot of factors that go into the home-selling process, many of which the seller has no control over. Take your neighborhood, for example. You can improve your own house, but the ones around you are beyond your control. 

Here are some home-selling strategies that you can control. 

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Find the best real estate agent in Scottsdale. 

Being prudent about who you select to be your real estate agent will pay dividends. Too many people perform a simple search online or take an acquaintance’s first recommendation. 

This strategy might work out sometimes, but not always. 

It’s important to realize that your real estate agent works for you (they get a commission after all), so you want someone who will stay dedicated to getting you the highest value possible for your house. On the flip side of the coin, you don’t want someone who requests unrealistic values for your home and never gets anyone to put in an offer.

Take your time to interview the best agent for the job. Do some research, both online and in person if possible. Do you want an agent with a proven marketing plan, or someone who will list your house on a few sites and then go to work for other clients until it’s time for them to get their commission check?

Prepare for showings. 

Making a good first impression on a buyer is paramount if you want to sell your home fast. If your house doesn’t have any “wow” factor, then chances are the buyer will look elsewhere. 

You might be thinking to yourself, “But my house isn’t impressive.” That’s okay. 

To maximize your house’s appeal for showings, you should be putting in the time to make it look nice. This means ensuring that everything in the house is clean, especially the most trafficked areas. Remove all dust, clutter, or other eyesores on your property. Also, if you have a pet, it’s a good idea to keep them out of the way so that they don’t make your guests feel unwelcome in any way. Cat hair on the couch, barking, and lingering smells all must be avoided. You might not think that buyers will notice such small details, but when attending a house showing, buyers are typically on high alert for any potential issues with the property. 

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Sell your Scottsdale house for cash to us.

Want to avoid all the hassles of agents and showings? Want to get your home sold in record time—for cash? It’s possible when you work with We Buy Ugly Houses Phoenix. 

When we buy a house:

  • We pay cash.
  • We pay standard closing costs.
  • We buy “as is”—no repairs, cleaning, or repainting necessary. 
  • We close fast.

Learn about We Buy Ugly Houses® and see for yourself why we are America’s #1 home buyer!

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When you’ve been in the business this long, you value what really matters. Our sellers. We Buy Ugly Houses® has been America’s #1 Home Buyer since 1996, and it’s all thanks to the more than 110,000 satisfied homeowners that have sold their houses to us.