The best places in Houston to watch the Texans game

The best places in Houston to watch the Texans game

While the Houston Texans may not have the history of the Dallas Cowboys, this team knows how to pack a punch. They’re looking like they’re going to be strong this year, and on Sunday during the season, Houstonians are going to be heading to their favorite bars to watch this team make a run for the Superbowl. So where are the best places to watch the game on in Houston? Here’s our list.

The Bourbon Street Sports Bar

This beloved bar in Katy is a bit like a great football team – dangerous and unpredictable. This place can be a bit scary, but it’s a dive bar that knows how to have some fun on game day. Perhaps the finest example of this is the Sunday beer pong ritual. They’ve dedicated a whole table to the classic tailgate game, and the regulars at Bourbon Street are pros. If tossing balls into red Dixie cups isn’t your thing, you can kick back with some brews and enjoy the game on one of the many flat screens.

Carlos’s Beer Garden

Since opening in 1978, this neighborhood spot has been the go-to for Houston football fans starting in the beloved Oilers days. Fans of all types head to Carlos’s to enjoy the craft beer selection, as well as the famous wings, chicken fried steak, and po-boys. The original Carlos owns the barbershop a few doors down, so, there’s that option as well. Where else can you watch the game, eat some chicken fried steak, and get your haircut all at once?

Christian’s Tailgate

Just off white Oak, this is a beloved haunt for some spot-on burgers, bloody Mary’s and, of course, football. They have a nice al fresco patio, and there’s no better time than the fall to break out the sweater and head to Christian’s for the game.

Concert Pub-Galleria

This spot has always been known as a Houston music venue, hosting some of the best cover bands in town. But they also host one of the most raucous game day parties anywhere in H-town. Texan fans come out decked in full Texan regalia, ready to cheer on the home team. We’re talking helmets, painted faces, the whole thing. There are even folks that just like to come dressed as SWAT team members. It’s a veritable masquerade. What would you expect from a place that is a Rock-n-Roll hall for the rest of the week? And Sunday’s too since live bands perform after the game.

Houston is a serious sports town, and our love for the Texans is no joke. On Sunday during the season, you’ll find us all over town, but if you want to hang with the real die-hards, head for the bars listed above.

*Updated May 2020. Originally published October 2015.