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Festus Cave Home Draws $220,000 Bid at Auction, but Owners Won’t Sell Yet

Curt Sleeper and his wife Deborah are looking to sell their three-bedroom, one-bath home outside of Festus. The catch? It’s in a cave. The Sleepers found a sandstone mining cave — the future location of their 2,240 square foot home — on eBay a little over a decade ago. They paid nearly $170,000 for it […]

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When Eminent Domain Goes Wrong – In And Around Lambert – St. Louis International Airport

What is eminent domain? According to Wikipedia, eminent domain is “the power to take private property for public use by a state.” Eminent domain is most often invoked to build government buildings, utilities, highways, railroads, and public services like bus depots, airports, and other economic essentials. When the economic viability of a public project, like […]

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