Areas we serve in St. Louis

We Buy Ugly Houses®—America's #1 home buyer

Areas we serve in St. Louis

We Buy Ugly Houses®—America's #1 home buyer

St. Louis: areas we serve

We buy houses in St. Louis.

Sell a house fast near St. Louis.

Sell your house to us! We think it’s fine “as is.” We Buy Ugly Houses® St. Louis doesn’t make inconvenient demands before we buy a house. We buy houses in almost any condition, and we’ve been doing it since 1996. 

We won’t ask you to make expensive repairs, paint your bedrooms, or replace the gutters. We can make you a cash offer fast, and we won’t even ask you to pay typical closing costs.

Homeowners all over the country have trusted our independently owned and operated home buyers to purchase over 140,000 houses. We can help homeowners sell under tough conditions. So give us a call if you’ve found yourself asking, "How can I sell my house?"

We’re ready to buy houses throughout St. Louis County and surrounding communities. We can buy homes in Crestwood, Bridgeton, St. Ann, Collinsville, Overland, Florissant, Lemay, Affton, and Arnold.

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We buy houses in Crestwood.

The stars are out tonight in Crestwood. So, finish your house sale and join the St. Louis Astronomical Society for its next Star Party: Astro Night. The last Star Party was at Crestwood Park Softball Fields. The partygoers laid out blankets and watched the stars. 

Wait for the next one or find your star gazing buddies and make your own Astro Night. Crestwood has over 11,800 residents. We’re sure someone will go with you. 

When the sun comes up, you can head out to Grant’s Trail heart-healthy walk. You can bring your bike if you prefer. You’ll have 8.25 miles of trail use and lots of places to stop. You can follow the trail to Grant’s Farm and visit the Budweiser Clydesdales’ fields and stables. 

Admission is free if you’re not planning to park a car at the farm. The Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site isn’t far away either. There’s a full schedule of community fun waiting for you in Crestwood. Don’t let a house sale hold you back! 

Learn how to sell your house fast in Crestwood when you fill out our First Step form or call 866-200-6475. 

Sell your house fast in Bridgeton.

Come for the old town charm; stay for the golf. Bridgeton has what you’re looking for, but you have to leave your house. This is one of the oldest communities in Missouri, but that hasn’t stopped the residents from keeping the place up. 

Roll out of bed tomorrow and play a game at Bridgeton Berry Hill Golf Course – it’s a nine-hole course. You can play from the early morning hours until dusk. Your town has 256 acres of parkland available for picnics, sports, and swimming. So, get out into the open air and live your life to the fullest in Bridgeton. 

When you’ve had your fill of fun, treat yourself to wine samples from Boenker Hill Vineyard and Winery. 

Learn how to sell your house in Bridgeton! Call 866-200-6475 or fill out our First Step form. 

Sell your house fast in St. Ann.

Forget staying in your house! You don’t even have to stay in the city. Explore Go Ape Creve Coeur Park right outside St. Ann. There are ziplines, obstacles, bridges, rope climbing, and trees! You’ll have a wilderness playground to run wild in with the kids under a dense forest canopy. Are you in, or would you rather make house repairs?

Ask your neighbors out to enjoy the natural beauty of St. Ann. You live in a beautiful town with nearly 14,000 residents. The city has a comfortable selection of parks to choose from and easy access to other Missouri communities that are worth a visit. 

The St. Ann Community Center offers courts for racquetball, handball, and wallyball. You can even feed the ducks at Tiemeyer Park. So, let us buy your house for cash. Spend less time stressing and more time having fun. Enjoy your time in St. Ann.

If you’re ready to sell your house in St. Ann, fill out our First Step form or call 866-200-6475. 

We buy houses in Collinsville.

Collinsville is a gateway between two states. You can spend your days in either Missouri or Illinois. Double the options – double the reasons not to obsess over a house sale. Let your pulse run with the horses at Fairmount Park Racing Track! No need to go to Chicago to catch a race!

When you’re done, get out and connect with your neighborhood by helping plan the next Block Party Month! 

You can also get out of town! Drive a few minutes west. You and the family can stretch your legs in Forest Park. Take pictures for the gram inside the Jewel Box greenhouse. You can rent a canoe and paddle Post-Dispatch Lake! The opportunities are out there! All you have to do is leave your house. We’ve got a trusted a buyer lined up. 

Call us today at 866-200-6475 or fill out our First Step form to sell your house in Collinsville. 


Sell your house fast in Overland.

Get out of your house and explore Overland. You can outdo Daniel Boone! He built a cabin out here. You probably aren’t allowed to build a cabin, but you can visit Boone’s Cabin for inspiration. Connect with your adventurous side. 

Spend a day in Wild Acres Park. Visit Mort Jacobs and Norman Myers Parks. You’re in a close-knit community of about 16,000 people. So, there’s plenty of room to stretch your legs outside of your house!

Grab some fresh fruit and swap gardening tips over the weekend at the Overland Farmer’s Market. Later you can head to Woodson Road Park to watch a local tennis match. There’s a whole community outside your house. Join it! We can buy your house and give you back the time. 

Ready to sell your house in Overland? Contact your local We Buy Ugly Houses® home buyer!

We buy houses in Florissant.

Make some memories in Florissant. You’re also in one of the oldest communities in Missouri. The town was settled by the Spanish first, but many of its original residents were French. The city’s name comes from a French word that means “flowering.” 

It’s time for you to blossom again! Get out of your house and see something built to last! The Old St. Ferdinand Shrine accepts visitors every day except Sunday. So, you’ll have time to pop in after you sell your house. It’s one of the last buildings still standing built during Florissant’s Spanish colonial era. 

After you leave the shrine, you can stop into the James J. Eagan Community Center to connect with neighbors and get some exercise. Try a little ice-skating. Do a few laps in the pool. Good health is wealth, and being active is better than only hanging out in your house.

Ready to sell your house in Florissant? Contact your local We Buy Ugly Houses® home buyer!

We buy houses in Lemay.

Welcome home! You’ve been wrapped up in your house for too long! Time to reconnect with Lemay. Break out the leash and take the dog for a walk in Lemay Park. Then, when you’re back in the mood for some human fun, cross the River des Peres Drainage Channel and get in a rollerblading session at the one and only St. Louis Skatium!

Fun with the dog and skating with family is just the beginning. Next up is a trip to River City Casino & Hotel! Play some games; maybe you’ll win some cash – maybe not – the point is to have fun! Trying your luck isn’t the only reason to go. Extend the fun with a stay at the hotel. It’s a staycation outside of your house. 

Time to take care of yourself. Don’t let a home sale hold you back. Enjoy Lemay and let us worry about your house. 

Ready to sell your house in Lemay? Contact your local We Buy Ugly Houses® home buyer!

Sell your house fast in Affton.

Who said Affton wasn’t fun? Open the front door, walk out, and keep going. The Center St. Louis batting cages are calling you. When your arms get tired, the center has an indoor turf field perfect for stretching your legs in whatever game your heart desires. 

A little cardio is great, but that’s not all Afton has in store. The Sharp Shooters St. Louis Shooting Range is ready to let you practice your aim. So, get out there and hit the target!  

If that wasn’t enough, you have a local treasure right around the corner. Federhofer’s Bakery, established in 1966, is still offering full service. So, how does a steaming hot loaf of cinnamon raisin bread sound? You can also buy bread rolls, cakes, cookies, fresh pies, pastries, and cupcakes for any occasion. 

Has Affton got your attention yet? You’ve got options. Get out and take advantage. Don’t worry about who will buy your house. 

Ready to sell your house in Afton? Contact your local We Buy Ugly Houses® home buyer!

We buy houses in Arnold.

Are you still in your house? Why? Go explore Strawberry Creek Nature Area! You can walk or bike. There are ponds, streams, oak and hickory stands, and native wildflowers throughout the park. 

If you’re more adventurous, Dakel Hog Hunts will take you out into the wilderness for an experience you will never forget! Ever been to a skate party? Get your neighbors together and have a potluck at Ferd B Lang Park. Let the kids show off their skateboarding skills while you chow down on your favorites! 

Get out and enjoy Arnold! It’s one of the most affordable places to live in the United States and is only 14 miles south of downtown St. Louis. Your town is waiting. Leave that house behind. 

Ready to sell your house in Arnold? Contact your local We Buy Ugly Houses® home buyer!


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