We Buy Ugly Houses® can still help you with a fair cash offer for your house during this time of crisis. Where allowed, we will visit in-person and many locations now offer the option of “Exterior Only” initial visits with video consultations, whatever makes you most comfortable. Please give us a call or fill out the form below to have a property specialist contact you immediately. Read about our social distancing measures here.

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Residents who need a quick home sale in St. Louis should contact HomeVestors®, the We Buy Ugly Houses® people. We can buy houses, fast, for cash. Our goal is to provide a home selling process that is easy and stress-free. In fact, our sellers don’t even have to clean or make any repairs because we buy houses “as is.” We’re just a call or click away. Reach out today, and we can arrange a visit with a local, friendly home buyer with the St. Louis We Buy Ugly Houses® team.

We’ve been buying homes for cash in St. Louis since 2003.

Sell your home fast for cash in St Louis

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The St. Louis Home Buyers You Can Trust

The famous St. Louis arch is the world’s tallest arch, leaving residents and tourists alike impressed with its sheer size. It stands as a symbol of optimism and resilience. Here at We Buy Ugly Houses®, we value optimism too. Even though there are many reasons why our St. Louis neighbors may need to sell their houses fast for cash, we believe it’s possible to turn the situation around with a quick, easy home sale.

That’s precisely what the We Buy Ugly Houses® people offer. We can buy your house for cash in a quick and easy manner. Because we understand the challenges of needing to sell a house quickly, we’ve designed a process that aims to reduce the stress of selling a home. With us, there’s no waiting for banks, hosting open houses, paying for repairs, or even cleaning. We’re all about making things as easy as possible.

So, to get cash quickly for your home, contact us today. The independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchisees in St. Louis, the We Buy Ugly Houses® people, have been part of this community for years. We care about our neighbors and know that sometimes people need a chance to quickly sell a house that now feels like a burden. Let’s help you move forward.

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Why Residents Need Fast Property Sales in St. Louis

Everyone in St. Louis who needs a quick house sale has a different motivation. Here are some of the most common reasons we encounter:

  • Rising Repair Costs: A house costs a lot to maintain, and if bills begin piling up, then upkeep takes a back seat. But that means repairs costs can become quite expensive. Meanwhile, the house becomes less comfortable to live in. That’s why we can buy houses “as is” so repairs won’t stand in the way of selling.
  • Job Loss: Jobs can come and go quickly. For someone who is recently unemployed, it can become difficult to pay the rent, taxes, bills, and other costs. Instead of spending money on a house when money is already tight, consider selling it for cash, quickly.
  • Divorce: When a couple divorces, they are usually required to split their assets. But what do you do with a house? One partner has to buy out the other partner’s share. That can be very difficult. Selling the house quickly for cash allows both parties to divide the money equally and then move on.  
  • Unable to Pay Bills: We know how muggy summers get in St. Louis, and air conditioning bills are just one of many bills home buyers have to pay. These bills can easily add up. A good solution might be to get fast cash for the house.
  • Inheritance: Inheriting a house also means inheriting bills, maintenance requirements, taxes, and any other costs. Perhaps the person who inherited the house doesn’t even live in St. Louis or they have a house of their own. Either way, we can help by quickly buying the inherited house.
  • Regardless of the specific situation, we can make it easy to sell a house in St. Louis.

    I Want Cash for My House

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    How to Sell a House “As Is” In St. Louis

    A traditional home sale can be quite stressful. It requires waiting a long time for bank approval, spending time getting your house spruced up, and even making repairs.

    Not with We Buy Ugly Houses®, though. Our goal is to make things simple and hassle-free. That’s why we buy your St. Louis house “as is.” That means:

  • No repair work. Repairs are expensive. We don’t think this is something sellers should have to worry about.
  • No cleaning. It can take a lot of time to do a full and thorough cleaning job. But we don’t need a house to be spotless. We can buy it exactly as it is.
  • No waiting on bankers. Banks take a long time to approve anything, and that’s frustrating for people no matter their situation. Those that sell to us won’t have to wait, though.
  • No open houses. There’s no need to worry about getting the house in perfect order for a parade of strangers.
  • No paying typical closing costs. Don’t worry; we’ll handle the typical closing costs.
  • Really, we don’t ask sellers to do anything to their houses. So how does this all work exactly? Well, it’s pretty easy.

    How to Sell a St. Louis Home Quickly

    Our process is designed so that it feels comfortable the entire time. We value openness and honesty. We want to make sure that the people who sell to us don’t have to worry about a million little things.

    Here’s how we work:

  • Arrange a free visit with a local and friendly cash house buyer. First, contact us and we’ll set up a visit with a representative from the St. Louis We Buy Ugly Houses® team. This visit is free and carries no obligation. It’s just a quick evaluation of the house. Our franchisee will openly discuss the process of selling to us and can answer any questions.
  • Receive a cash offer. We can make a fair, no-obligation cash offer that day. What’s more, the firm offer we make will stick.
  • Move forward. We can close in as little as three weeks or on your timeline.
  • Those who sell to us can get paid in cash. But we also throw in a bonus: peace of mind.

    I’m Ready to Sell—Let’s Talk!

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    Bringing St. Louis Home Sellers Peace of Mind

    We know how stressful it can be to need to sell a home fast. And traditional home sales just add more stress to the situation. So instead, we make it easy. We take away the complications and replace them with a cash offer and the blessing of peace of mind. We just want to help St. Louis home sellers find relief.

    When you work with We Buy Ugly Houses®, you can get our personal attention every step of the way. We want to make people feel comfortable. So, check out our Frequently Asked Questions to get more information on our process. If you have more questions, just ask. We’re always happy to help. Then, when you’re ready, you can contact us to get started.

    We understand that needing to sell a your house quickly can feel discouraging, but we aim to be a source of hope and optimism. We’re here to support St. Louis residents who may want a chance to sell a house, get some extra cash, and ease their stress. We want to help our St. Louis neighbors get a fresh start.

    If you need to sell a house fast, the friendly folks at We Buy Ugly Houses® are ready to buy. Check out our FAQs, connect with us online to request a free, no-obligation consultation, or give us a call at 866-200-6475.

    Let’s get you moving.   

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    *Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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