We Buy Ugly Houses® can buy your house “as is.”

Learn how selling a house “as is” for cash saves you time and trouble.

We Buy Ugly Houses® can buy your house “as is.”

Learn how selling a house “as is” for cash saves you time and trouble.

Learn about selling your house “as is” for cash.

We’ve been helping homeowners for over 25 years.

Sell your house “as is” for cash in St. Louis to We Buy Ugly Houses®.

You can spend time cleaning, pay for extensive repair fees, and then wait for interested buyers to look at your house. Or you can save all that money and time by selling your house to America’s #1 home buyer.

We buy houses “as is,” meaning you don’t have to worry about fixing or scrubbing down a single thing. In a few easy steps, you can sell your house and focus all your time on getting comfortable in your new place. 

Traditional home selling is often a long, difficult process.

Selling your house the traditional way can force you to get your property ready for the market. You may have to deal with painting, landscaping, deep cleaning, putting things in storage, and staging—all so strangers can walk through your house at a moment’s notice when they decide to pop in and take a look. 

If you want to avoid all those hassles, just contact We Buy Ugly Houses® and say, “I want to sell my house ‘as is.’” 

One of our local St. Louis property specialists will visit you at your house for a free, no-obligation consultation. They might even give you a fair, all-cash offer right on the spot!

There are no real estate agents when selling directly to us. We don’t charge you a commission, and we cover typical closing costs. 


Selling a house “as is” can be difficult with other buyers.

You tell rookie buyers, “I want to sell my house ‘as is,’” and they’ll come running. But as soon as they hit an unexpected obstacle, they could back away from the purchase of your house just as fast.

We Buy Ugly Houses has bought over 140,000 houses. We’ve helped homeowners get the cash they need fast—even in the most difficult times, when the market seems uncertain. We have access to many resources that rookie buyers, with their few years of experience, just don’t have. No wonder they often delay or even back out of house purchases that they can’t close.

With online buyers, you lose human interaction, and they treat your situation like all the others. We understand that owning and selling a house can be difficult; every time we buy a house, we tailor the transaction to each homeowner.

Our local St. Louis property specialists are proactive in letting you know how your sale is going to help you feel secure as you move through the process.

Selling a house “as is” is a smart choice with We Buy Ugly Houses®.

If you’re in need of cash fast or trying to avoid making payments on a house you no longer live in, selling your house “as is” to America’s #1 home buyer is a smart decision. 

We don’t mind if your house needs some TLC. We’ve purchased thousands of houses that needed repairs that were too costly for homeowners and too major to sell successfully the traditional way.

With a 95%* customer satisfaction rate, we succeed in delivering the money homeowners can be happy to walk away with. 

We remove the stress that comes with selling a house and give you the time to focus on other things. You don’t even have to worry about unwanted items or clutter left in your house—We Buy Ugly Houses® takes care of that, too.  

If your house is in St. Louis or the surrounding area, contact one of our local property specialists for a fair, fast cash offer.


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